Why KOIOS is Good a Choice for a Kitchen Blender

Blenders have become a necessity inside the kitchen. This essential household tool allows you to prepare all sorts of healthy recipes to support your lifestyle. When it comes to mixing and blending, a good quality blender will never let you down.

If you don’t have a blender, or if you are thinking of replacing your old one, for sure you started browsing the web for options. And no doubt, you are already pondering which among these numerous brands is best for your diet needs.

Indeed, looking for the best blender is not as simple as you think. There are factors you have to consider, such as the type of blender and the specialized tasks it has. Take note that blenders vary in functions; hence, not all that you can find in the market can help you whip a good batch of smoothies and shakes.

If what you need is a blender for mixing, blending, and pureeing, one of the best selections out there is KOIOS Hand Blender.

KOIOS Hand Blender Technical Specs

KOIOS is one of the leading manufacturers of blenders these days. This brand earned great respect from customers due to its stunning and impressive products. Customer feedback and product review sources claim it is one of the best when it comes to convenient blending and mixing.

The KOIOS Hand Immersion Blender is one of its many awesome creations. This product is designed specifically for blending, pureeing, mixing, and as a food processor.

There are many reasons why buyers love this product. Check out and see why this is a good choice for a kitchen blender by learning its technical details and advantages.

  • Great Power

The KOIOS handheld blender comes with an impressive power of 500 Watts. This amount of power is the reason why KOIOS can perform lots of tasks from minor mixing to heavy-duty chopping.

Aside from blending and pureeing, you can also use this item for dicing, shredding, and chopping. You can make different recipes using this item from shakes to baby food.

  • Speed Options

This handheld blender features 6-12 speed settings. The variable speed also includes a turbo button for mixing smoothies, protein shakes, and other thick recipes. The speed options assure your smoothies and shakes are evenly textured.

  • Hassle-Free Food Prep

The item features an 8 inches blending shaft, long enough that you can apply enough force to avoid the food from splattering all over the place. The package also includes plastic cups, mixing bowls, and deeper pots.

One of the awesome features of this product, besides the speed and power, is the ergonomic design it has. The KOIOS immersion blender has an ergonomic handle for a firm grip. And, the compact size of the item makes it easy to store. The accessories are also detachable for hassle-free cleaning.


The KOIOS handheld blender is an excellent help in the kitchen. It is no doubt a good buy for the money.

If you want to find out additional details regarding KOIOS immersion blender, the Prime Shop Kitchen is happy to guide you. See their official website for more info.