Why file sharing gets Bencoding problems?

One of the most popular sources for downloading files is Torrent. If you are an avid internet user, you probably used this online site countless times to download the movies, software setup, ISO images, and many more. It is indeed a one stop shop for all types of files.

Though Torrent is widely accessible, however, some individuals encounter issues when using this online source.

Have you experienced when you try to download a file and suddenly a box pops up saying, “Torrent is not valid bencoding” or “Unable to Load, Torrent is not Valid Bencoding”?

When this flashes on your screen, it triggers frustration and annoyance, especially if you are trying to get an important file.

Now, it leads us to this question; what are the reasons why you get bencoding problems? How can you fix it?

Reasons for Bencoding Issues

Bencode is a term which refers to an encoding system used by peer-to-peer file sharing BitTorrent to store and transfer data. It is commonly utilized in torrent files.

Take note that Torrent data are downloaded in different locations instead of in a single service. With this feature, you can still receive and transmit data though the source destination is down. This aspect of Torrent is one of the primary reasons why people love using this source rather than hosted downloads coming from a single service.

However, not all Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows a user to access or download torrent engine due to country and government guidelines. Here is when the issue of bencoding enters.

#1 Country Restrictions

The first reason why this problem keeps on flashing on your screen is due to country restrictions. Of course, the ISPs has to follow the said government rules and guidelines concerning downloading large files on sources like Torrent. It is why ISPs corrupts torrent files.

Some Torrent users may not experience the same issue since not all countries have strict regulations on this matter; however, there is another reason that contributes to this issue. Find it down below.

#2 Corrupted Files

Remember that Torrent is a free downloading source and anyone can access it. Hence, expect that it also contains corrupted files.

Downloading corrupted torrent file is another reason regarding bencoding problems. Then, how can you fix this issue?

How to Solve Bencoding Problems

No worries, there is a solution to torrent bencoding problems. The answer to your dilemma is using a VPN.

Using a VPN support conceals your IP address which determines your location. Therefore, the government and ISP can’t track your IP address since it is blocked. You can find this VPN software through reliable sources on the web.

Another tip in fixing this problem is by using a magnetic link. When you use the Kickass torrent, you’ll see a magnetic link as one of the options. All you have to do is click that magnetic link so you can download the file. However, using this link can slow down the process of downloading data. The good thing is you can use an IDM for premium downloading.

If you are still confused about bencoding issues, go to the Tech Whoop for more information. This informative website can help you find out additional details about this problem and the best method of fixing it.