Ways Which You Can Use to Cook Rice

Rice is an ideal food for almost everyone and in so many parts of the world. For this reason, rice can be cooked in hundreds of different ways. You can use different pleasing recipes to add flavor to your rice. The brown rice is much healthier compared to the white varieties. Make sure you wash your rice perfectly before you use the different ways to cook it.

Using the microwave

You can use the microwave to cook your white rice fast. You can use more different ways to cook rice but the microwave method is easy and flexible. It is suitable for those who are travelling or if you do not have a stovetop.

Combine one cup of rice and two and half cups of water in your microwave bowl. Cover it using a glass lid and cook for five minutes on full power. After five minutes, check if the rice is done. Add like two to three minutes for it to cook well. Use a fork to fluff it. Pause the cooking and keep the rice covered for some few minutes in the microwave before you start serving.

Using the stovetop method

Take two cups of water in your saucepan. Get that rice that has tons of flavors like the basmati rice. Add a teaspoonful salt, butter and oil. Adding the oil is prevents the sticking together of rice and the rice from boiling over. It also gives the rice a great flavor.

Heat the mixture until boiling. Reduce the heat for the rice to simmer for some few minutes. Check the rice to ensure it does not burn at the bottom.  Absorption of the liquid should be done in fifteen minutes after an even distribution of heat. Fluff the rice with a fork gently. This method is one of the best to cook long grain rice without breaking and it’s easy.

Baked rice and vegetables

Get cooked rice, drained beans, one medium chopped onion, one can of corn and a quarter shredded cheeses. Mix all the ingredients leaving out the cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn the whole mixture in a baking dish. Preheat in an oven for twenty minutes. Add cheese after removing and bake for five more minutes.

The fried Chinese rice

Heat the oil in a wok. Add ginger garlic paste once it is hot and fry for a few minutes. Toss the onions in and fry until brown on high heat. Add veggies and fry in high heat also. Make some space at the bottom of the wok and amidst the veggies. Add an egg in to it and scramble while frying the veggies. Add your cooked rice and soy sauce. Garnish the chopped onions and sesame seeds. You can then taste your rice.


There are many ways that you can cook your rice in to a suitable recipe. All you need is to get a recipe and try out the one that you feel is the best. Rice tastes well so long as you can cook it well and also depending on your creativity. You only cook rice to achieve that flavor taste for you to enjoy it.