Top Reasons to Use Humidifiers over Vaporizers

Are you also pumped-up whether you should choose a humidifier over a vaporizer? Or the other way around?

Both devices have several benefits that are almost similar to each other; what makes them so different is how they are designed. Here are a few things that make the two devices different from each other:


•    The humidifiers are designed to increase the humidity or the moisture in the air by producing a cool mist.
•    The humidifier’s water droplets are visible in the air.
•    The humidifiers are ideally used during winter when there is cold and dry air present indoors.


•    The vaporizers can add moisture into the air by producing warm mist. Also, due to its warm mist, it may cause an increase in the level of humidity within indoors.
•    It has the ability to warm up the environment indoors.
•    For medical reasons, vaporizers are often used with essential oils from herbs to treat various diseases. Also, this may also be used for medications.

Which one you should choose?

Although there are main reasons why vaporizers are essential too, here are a few reasons why you should choose humidifiers over vaporizers.

Reason #1: Humidifiers are completely safe

Unlike the humidifiers, vaporizers are less recommended due to a high risk of getting burnt. Since the vaporizers are designed to generate hot steam by boiling water, chances are, if you are not careful enough to handle the vaporizer, you are at risk of getting a steam burn, either from the mist or from the device itself.

The humidifiers, on the other hand, are designed with a reservoir that keeps cold water. Through a filter that acts as the wick, it absorbs the water from the reservoir. As the fan blows the air across the wick filter, it helps evaporate the water and add the right amount of moisture into the air, while it helps increase the level of humidity within the room. In other words, unlike the vaporizers, humidifiers are the best choice when it comes to safety since it does not emit hot steam, especially when there are children up to 8 years old inside your house. If you are looking for the best humidifier available in the market today, here is a must read guide.

Reason #2: The heat of the vaporizers may cause you to feel swampy

Generally, the vaporizers emit hot steam that can increase the humidity in a room during dry and cold winter; however, if the vaporizer is not well-regulated, instead of feeling warm in a winter season, it will only increase the temperature in the room, making you feel swampy or dehydrated.

Reason #3: The humidifiers are easier to maintain

With patience and motivation, humidifiers are easier to clean and maintain; all you need to do is regularly clean the unit with clean water and a towel. However, if you need to disinfect the humidifier to avoid spreading of disease-causing-bacteria, you may also use bleach or white vinegar.

There are a lot of other reasons why humidifiers are better than vaporizers; if you need to get additional details on these, you may visit Optimum Humidity’s website today.