The Right Can Opener for Your Senior

A can opener helps mostly the elderly to easily open the cans around their homes. You find they have no enough strength to open a can easily. With a can opener things are much simplified using the opener to open the containers in the house.

How can you identify the right can opener?

Assessing the strength and dexterity

Figure out the overall dexterity of your elderly person in your home. This will help you determine the best can opener. In case they are suffering from arthritis, you need to focus on how to reduce the amount of effort they will need to exert.

For cases that might be severe an electric can opener is the best. Find out if he is able to place the can in to the machine and can properly secure it. Using electric it becomes easy to open the can but at the initial stage some force can be required to penetrate the lid.

Easy to use

If the elderly person still has some energy to use the hands you can get him manual model with special features to enhance usability. Get open handles with padded grips for him to hold. It reduces the chances of dropping things down as they use. Large knobs are also good for the elderly to use while gripping for things.

If you intend to get manual openers, check if they could be having gripping teeth or magnets that can help in removing the lid. These can help him if he wants to go on using the manual opener. These types are designed to hold trickier aspects of opening easily and safely.

Safety precaution

Get a model with an overall safety. This is to avoid cuts on their hands from the rough edges. The best option is to get a cut opener that cuts under the lid. With a smooth edge on the lids created by these models it reduces the risk of him being cut. Get a sturdy opener and make sure it is locked securely on the can to avoid any harm on him.

The electric models

If you need this, know the benefits well of an electric opener. This is the best when it comes to opening of cans using the least effort. Using a machine to open a can is the easiest way. Know how to handle any extra feature to hold the can firmly by teaching him how he can use it.

This type of opener is expensive and would require a tight budget. If you plan to get it you need to save enough money to get it. If it has additional features on it that you may not need it would be wise for you to eliminate them to help reduce the overall price.


You can either use a manual opener or an electric one depending on your budget and the physical strength of the senior. They are the can openers that senior can use easily but you still discuss with him about the options available. Help him to understand the real factors so that you can both come to a final stand on which would be the best.