The Hunt for the Best College Laptop for Your Money

10If you are in need of excellent buying advice when it comes to purchasing a college laptop, then you came to read the right article. Passing all the subjects under the college curriculum of whatever course you are enrolled in is a hard thing to do without the use of the latest technologies such as the Internet and portable computer devices such as laptops and netbooks. This is the reason why college students are encouraged to have at least a computer so that they can cope up with the advancement when it comes to education. Doing research work will be much easier when a college student owns a laptop that has a steady internet access.


The best laptops for collegiate students are the free ones, of course. There are some companies that provide promotional free laptops for college bound students as long as they meet their requirements. You can also search for specials deals that are being offered for college students by visiting college focused forums on the internet. If you are not among the lucky ones who will be given a free laptop, then the next thing to do is to look for good purchase deals. A good laptop for college will be the one that has a WIFI access within the college area. Most schools offer free internet services, but most of them block sites that are not related to education. Even the nearby cafes within the vicinity of the school offer free WIFI access as well. By taking advantage of the free use of the internet, the college student will save them the expense of having to pay extra for the internet service that he or she needs. Having a steady access to the internet permits you to research information whenever you need to. When selecting the suitable laptop for you, you will want to consider buying a unit that has a CD or DVD drive. You can do away with these features if you are aiming for a lighter one. There are a lot of newer models and styles of laptops that are small and compact that you choose from.


These new compact laptop styles are powerful when it comes to battery life but have low features. They do not have any kinds of accessible drives but they have bigger capacity drives for storing information as well as extra USB ports that have added capacity of connecting flash drives.

The software that comes with the laptop should also be considered. There are plenty of deals that provide software products specifically for college students that are not offered to the public. Some are pre-installed with MS Office tools like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You are allowed to use these applications for a certain period but you might need to purchase the licensed version after a year or so.


Some of the best laptops for college students are used or pre-owned laptops. You can find these used laptops available in a lot of different places and even in eBay. You can look in your newspaper’s classified ads section if you are searching for second-hand products. You can search online on auction websites or classified ad sites to find used computers. You can find them at computer resale stores as well.