Major Benefits Of Life Gear Inversion Table

Horizontal position Lifegear inversion table

The Life Gear Inversion Table is specifically designed to lower back pressure by comfortably inverting the body upside down. This rejuvenates and relaxes the back allowing a person to maintain a tall walk. According to research, this process reduces pressure in nerves and spine and therefore allows the spine to stretch as a result relieving back pain.

These inversion tables are designed to conveniently accommodate safe home use. You can enjoy more effective inverted squats, sit-ups, powerful quads and hamstrings without damaging the spine.

Major Benefits of Inversion Tables

  • Relieve back pain- They allow the body to invert thereby easing pressure on muscles and discs. By moving in the opposite of gravity the spine is decompressed. This process also hydrates the spinal discs and generally eases pressure on the entire body.
  • Reduces stress- Research has indicated that inversion stretches the muscles, reduces stress by easing tension in the back, shoulder and neck areas.
  • Enhance joint health- Inversion process allows the joints to better absorb shock and generally makes the joints stronger
  • Enhance body flexibility- Inversion allows the body to be active and hence improves flexibility thus improves health

Some Other Benefits

  • Improve core strength- The table allows a person to perform certain exercises effectively. Exercises targeting specific areas like ab-building, hamstrings and squats can be performed more effectively using the inversion table without destroying the spine.
  • Assist the lymph system- Hanging in the inverted table in an upside down position enhances flow of fluids responsible for removal of waste in the lymphatic system.
  • Improves height- Hanging reduces spinal compressions that are responsible for reducing height by stretching the spine. This results in a person being taller.
  • Enhances blood circulation- Inversion diverts the normal gravity flow of blood thus decongest organs in the body.

Top Features of Inversion Tables

  • Strong safety handles provide extra support ensuring stability of the body while returning to the up-right position.
  • Strong tubular steel frame with capability of holding a weight of up to 300 pounds
  • Non-skid floor stabilizers that offer more support
  • Nylon safety tethers allows multiple angle inversions
  • Side covers are made of vinyl to resist finger pinching

“Good to Know” Details

  • Maximum height capacity of up to 6-foot, 6-inch to perfectly fit most people
  • Ankle cushions are perfectly ergonomically fitted enhancing safety and comfort
  • A 90 days warranty is issued by the manufacturer
  • Easy storage since the table can easily be folded after use and stored in a small area thereby economizing on space.
  • They are also easy to use since instructional DVD training is included to demonstrate the whole setup.

The inversion helps the body in a variety of ways ranging from mental health, circulatory system, cosmetic and physical to immune and digestive systems. This product has received much appreciation from medical practitioners for the wide variety of health benefits.

You can now make an informed choice to achieve the most out of your exercise and improve your general health by using the consistent inversion table when you work out. The benefits of Life Gear Inversion Table can never be over-emphasized. Relieving stiff muscles, stress and back pain could not be easier.

The Best of BlackMax Pressure Washers

The wide variety of pressure washers in the market today can make choosing the best pressure washer very challenging. Opinions differ on the right feature to consider the most when buying a pressure washer. You are supposed to consider your needs whenever you want to choose a perfect pressure washer to handle the type of work or workload you intend to use it for.

This is a Blackmax pressure washer review that guides you through this amazing pressure washers.

BlackMax is relatively a newcomer in the market as far as industrial and residential use pressure washers are concerned. This company might not be the most recognized pressure washer company but the truth is that it provide quality products.

BlackMax BM80721 1700 PSI

It is powered by electricity and is very durable if you take good care of it. It has many good features that you will probably appreciate. It presents you with more than just cleaning your dirty driveway. More so, this pressure washer is less wasteful than higher PSI washers.


You know what is good about these lower PSI washers is that they are very water efficient and you can save so much water with them. This is because they top at 1.5 GPM per minute. Some machines with higher PSI stream output can consume up to 7 GPM of water per minute. This is too much as compared to what is consumed by Black Max Pressure Washers.

Whenever you purchase Black Max BM80721 PSI, you get three nozzles, a trigger gun, and a hose. With this machine you don’t have to worry about mixing soap and water by yourself beforehand. It has a soap tank that is built-in and that has detergent/soap injection function in a way that makes it very efficient to use.

It has a 25” long hose that allows you to reach the longest distance from the electric washer when cleaning your driveway. This can be very convenient sometimes when you don’t want to move your washer every now and then.

Its 7” wheels makes its mobility very dependable and efficient. You can easily move it from one point to the next without much hustle. These powerful wheels can effectively move even in the most ragged of places.

BlackMax 22800 PSI Gasoline PW

BlackMax and Honda teamed up to come up with this highly innovative machine sold at a considerably lower price for a machine of its kind. It has incredible features that include self-priming brass pump and a fold-down handle. You will realize that this pressure offers you a great deal at a cheaper price.

At 2800 PSI, this pressure washer also has a versatile spray nozzle that is 6 in 1, on-board detergent tank, and a 25” non-marring hose. It uses 2.3 gallons of water per minute and is powered by GCV160 Honda engine that is very easy to start.

Black Max pressure washers are very efficient, especially its level of water consumption. You should try it out and see for yourself how amazing this pressure washers can be. Though electric pressure washer aren’t the best, these washers will definitely do the job for you in a manner that you will appreciate.

How Does an Ultrasonic Toothbrush Work?

Emmi-dent 6 100% Ultrasonic Toothbrush

In the world of today, technology is advancing faster than most of us can comprehend. No sector has been left behind as everything gets automated. Dental hygiene has also witnessed great technological advancement especially with the coming of the ultrasonic toothbrush.

Despite being around for a couple of decades now, very few people understand exactly how the ultrasonic toothbrush works. It is a fact that it is electronic but how does an ultrasonic toothbrush work? To understand this, it is important for one to know exactly what exactly it is and how it is made.

The ultrasonic toothbrush is tasked with removing plaque from teeth just like the ordinary or manual toothbrush. The main difference is the fact that this brush uses electricity to produce ultrasound. The ultrasound produced is the only difference between this toothbrush and the manual toothbrush.

Shape and Size

The shape and size of this brush are similar to that of an ordinary toothbrush and it is fitted with bristles made from the same material as any other toothbrush. The ultrasound produced is meant to help remove plaque while rendering the bacteria in teeth harmless.

The main and outstanding difference between this toothbrush and the conventional toothbrush is the broad bottom or handle. The handle is broad for this toothbrush as it is where the engine or the mechanical part of the toothbrush is fitted. It is from this point that the vibrations will be generated.


The standard ultrasonic toothbrush operates at a frequency of 1.6 MHz. At this frequency, the toothbrush is able to generate between 96,000,000 and 192,000,000 pulses every one minute. The vibrations are either in and up and down motion or in a circular motion. However, some toothbrushes will combine both motions.

What sets apart the ultrasonic toothbrush from other brushes is the speed of the vibrations. The ultrasonic is the fastest toothbrush with regards to vibrations in the market to date. This means that it is also the most effective as speed is the major determinant of effectiveness.


According to research findings and commentary from leading experts in the dental field, the ultrasonic toothbrush is the most effective toothbrush in plaque removal. It is credited with the ability to remove plaque from hard to reach places that the conventional toothbrush would not be effective. This effectiveness is a result of the fact that contact is not necessary for the brush to remove plaque.

The ultrasound from this toothbrush is also known to increase the speed of bone and gum healing and stopping gingival healing. This is on top or removal of plaque from any tooth in your dental formula. Ultrasound has also been applied in treating aphthous stomatitis using other medical devices. However, to be effective the frequency has to be between 1 and 3 MHz.


Just like any other great device, there have been a number of safety concerns ever since the development of the first ultrasonic toothbrush. The main concern is its ability to raise the temperature of surrounding tissues. According to regulations, the power output of these devices should limit its ability to raise the temperature of surrounding tissues by more than 1 C.

10 Great Kids’ Movies Adults Like

Cartoon, fairytales and other funny kids’ movies do not only entertain children but also adults. Here are 10 great kids’ movies that many adults love!

The Lego movie

At some point in our childhood, we have been enamored by the beauty of the toy that is the Lego. Every kid has his or her own favorite Lego character. What’s more exciting that bringing those Lego characters to life? The movie is about an ordinary LEGO minifigure named Emmet who is the chosen one to save the Lego universe from falling apart in the hands of the Tyrannical Lord Business. This will be very fun to watch for kid and adults alike.

Finding nemo

Finding Nemo is one of the most successful animated movies of all time that was enjoyed by both adults and kids. Probably because it balances the number of jokes that adults can relate and as well as jokes that children can relate. This is definitely for the family.

Despicable me

Nothing can go wrong with a movie that has Steve Carell in it. Yes, even with just his voice. This is a story of the super-villain Gru who went from being a bad guy to a good guy. This will not onky bring you a good laugh but also tears when you realize that a really bad guy can actually love the three girls he originally adopted merely as part of his nefarious plan to shrink and steal the moon. Plus, who wouldn’t love the adorable minions!

Toy Story series

I think there isn’t one person who did not cry when the toy story series ended. However, no matter how many buckets of tears you cried, you can always remember that the same time, you laughed at this too. After the four stories


This movie was nominated an Academy award for best picture and we wouldn’t even dare to ask why. This movie was well accepted and well loved by viewers from all over the world. The touching story of love between the family and of friendship will sure make you tear up.


If your kids are requesting for a movie night, Shrek is probably the best idea to have. If you yourself are sick of all the prince and princesses in kids’ movies then this is definitely for you. Mike Myers is no doubt a genius in comedy and there is definitely no surprise that Shrek himself is a very effective funnyman. The movie became such a hit because it got something for everyone of all ages.

The Incredibles

The movie is yet another hit from Pixar and it is considered as the most fun and most entertaining superhero movie ever. It teaches a lesson to people of all ages especially about how sometimes hold special people back just because we don’t know what to make of them.

Monsters Inc

Pixar is really good at making films for the entire family. This movie is a laugh-out-loud funny and you will even be confused as to how much of that was in the script and how much Billy Crystal and John Goodman improvised because it is that good.

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

Before Tim Burton gave it his own flavor, this Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was first brought to the big screen by Gene Wilder and his pure imagination. Kids will not only love the characters but also the love songs and of course, the concept of candy because come on, everybody loves candy.


This is the ultimate movie that got everyone, of all ages, hooked. We know that by now, you may be already sick of this movie but come on, there is a reason why people from all over the world has been singing let it go for the most part of the year.

These are just 10 of the great kids’ movies that were also loved by adults. This just goes to show that their appeal is not just for kids. It is also able to capture the heart of an older crowd. Are you having a movie night soon? Why not take a movie from this list and you will surely have a good family time.

Different Types Of Golf Bags

Been playing a lot of golf today, you might say I’m “on fire”. Thought I’d just write a post to address some of the different types of golf bags out there.

Bag shopping doesn’t have to be tedious. In fact, it can be as easy as 1-2-3 because all you need to think about when buying golf bags are three things. First, how many clubs do you want to bring for your game? Second, how do you want to carry your bag all throughout the game? Lastly, what type of player are you? If you answer these three questions, you are almost done with the picking of your golf bag.

Listed below are the 4 types of golf bags available for beginner to pro golfers:

Carry Bags

This is also referred to as the Sunday bags or the “essentials bags.” Why? Of all the golf bags available, this type of bag is lightweight and as the term says, it can carry essentials only. The usual material for this is nylon. Some carry bags are plastic or polyester. You can carry it on your back or side and it weighs around 2 pounds at least. It can usually accommodate your basic golf club set. The basic set is around 4 clubs.

It has a pocket for the spare balls, another pocket for the tees and a beverage patch. It will become heavy to bring if there are more pockets on the bag and it was not built that way. If you are a newbie golfer or someone who plays the game for fun with friends, this is the bag for you.

Stand Bags

You may see on TV that pro players have their own caddies. Well, even if you are not a pro, you can hire someone to carry your bag for you. But some people love the exercise and the extra challenge of bringing their own things in the course. With that, stand bags have become really popular. It has retractable legs which can stand on its own while you putt or tee. It also has wheels so you can it drag it anywhere.

It weighs around 5lbs and has features like a hip pad to make your walking easier if you decide to carry it backpack-style. Yes most stand bags have two back straps for carrying purposes. It really is up to you on how you prefer to bring it.

Cart Bags

If you plan on walking the course while carrying your golf bag, then, the cart bag is NOT for you. A cart bag is specifically used with a golf cart. It is not made to be carried by the golfer or his caddie. It has to be strapped on the back of the cart. If you are walking with a pulley, this bag can work for you too.

Some golf courses require a cart while playing so it is befitting for you to use a cart bag by then. In average, it weighs around 7lbs and it is much lighter than the staff bag. (Staff bag will be discussed next.) The base of the bag is usually non-slip and made of rubber to avoid falling off the cart.

Staff Bags

This is the PRO bag or the TOUR bag. Staff bags are usually made of leather and a bit on the heavy side. The body of the bag is wide wherein patches and stickers of sponsors are placed for visibility. You can say that staff bags are usually high quality and high in price as well.

It can hold 14 clubs at one time and weighs more or less 10lbs. It is very heavy, yes. But if you need to organize your golf clubs and accessories, this is the bag for you. Just be sure to hire a caddie to bring it for you otherwise you will get tired before reaching the second hole.

10 Fittest Hollywood Celebrities

1. Matthew McConaughey

Even when Mathew is a father of 3 kids and with a tight busy schedule, he manages to follow workout routine. It mainly includes free weight, sprints, pull-ups even when he is at home. He follows the celebrity workout routine and keeps training year-round, even when he is not planning for a role. He is in love with healthy foods as he believes that fitness is a big part of life.

2. Cameron Diaz

Cameron looks in the early 20s, even at the age of 42. This is all because of the fitness she had maintained from the start of her career. She is a fan of surfing, jogging and loves hiking. She now hates fast foods and she stays consistent about the gym overall.

3. Brad Pitt

The handsome actor who gave some of the great movies like Troy and Fight Club has a great knowledge of how to stay fit and lean year-round. He mainly focuses each day on a different muscle group of the body and does cardio to finish the rest day of the week.

4. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman, who comes from a family that used to run marathon in Australia is a great lover of fitness. She follows swimming, yoga, spinning, running and all the things that help her to keep her body in shape. While travelling with her musician husband, she says that it is very difficult to eat completely clean, but she aims at least 80% healthy food.

5. Tom Cruise

Tom, who is at the age of 52, is doing a lot of exercises to stay fit as he is doing a lot of action-stunt movies for which he should have strength and energy. He follows cardio and lifting weights along with a strict diet daily.

6. Jennifer Anniston

The ex-wife of Brad Pitt follows the same fitness routine as her ex-husband. She is now 46 and still has an athletic body, which she has maintained because of regular yoga, jogging and clean diet. Since her role in “We’re the Millers”, she avoids carbs, in order to keep her body toned.

7. George Clooney

The lead actor of the Ocean’s trilogy and of Gravity, at the age of 53, this actor has maintained schedule of performing hot yoga, pull-ups and plays basketball regularly. He mainly focuses of green juices and healthy foods followed by a variation of fitness routine.

8. Jessica Biel

Spouse of Justin Timberlake is a fan of grain protein and vegetables. She performs yoga, cardio workouts, sprinting and walking lunges to stay fit. She also loves to go for jogging and hiking and mainly focuses on mental health benefits. She has performed in many movies for which has maintained a good fitness level.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

The actor of Prince of Persia and The Day After Tomorrow has a great addiction for the gym. He bulked he huge amount of muscles for his role and follows a 6 days a week workout routine with cardio exercises.

10. Eva Mendes

At the age of 40, Eva has maintained a hot body because of her strict fitness routine. She performs sprint, cardio regularly, Yoga is included in her schedule, which she performs twice a week. Eating healthy is a great habit that she has maintained and she still practices it in her diet.

5 Best Tech SmartWatches

Every often a new idea comes to flood more technological market. Some time ago the term “wearables” made its appearance in the section of gadgets an in the end applies to the devices you can have on your body for all day almost always bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and watches.

So this article is about smart watches. As any appliance that is being born there is a standard, yet that makes a smart watch the best or the most perfect of its kind, each manufacturer has made its launch try to do as you think it should be, undoubtedly contributing a different user experience.

While the best smart watches might not be as good as the best swiss-made watches, they are still something to admire and be proud of all the same.

However, if we generalize a bit that would define an Intelligent watch we could agree that it would be: “A wrist device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone allowing viewing through the same real-time notifications, also including basic functions such as display time and be able to use timer, stopwatch, etc.” Hence, here are best 5 cool tech watches available in the market.

1. Pebble

The Pebble is an initiative through the Kickstarter program achieving collect more than $10 million. Among its most striking features is its screen, the pebble offers a screen monochrome e-paper or electronic paper.

Its main attraction is that it can be visualized in any light condition for, either very bright or very dark, its environment always looks better and has a low power consumption, allowing you to pebble a range of more than a week on a single charge.

There are hundreds of applications for the clock to get the most productivity out of it.

2. Samsung Gear 2

As always innovative and assertive Samsung was one of the first to venture into this world to do the launch of Galaxy Gear. It has now enhanced by the Samsung Gear 2 presents attractive features, among which stand to take pictures directly from the watch, and photos taken are sent and stored in your phone.

You can answer calls directly on the clock without gripping the phone. The only disadvantage is that it is only accessible to Samsung smartphones and its price makes it little difficult for everyone.

3. Sony SW2

Like Samsung, Sony appears venturing into this world from the beginning, the Sony SW2 is a SmartWatch that allows connection to any Android device via Bluetooth. It can display notifications for most common applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and some differences such as it not only notifies Whatsapp messages received, but also can preview the message on the display.

In my opinion is one of the most standardized and is the path that eventually most SmartWatch take.

4. I’m Watch

A unique watch from a small Italian company that has shown a way forward. The I’m watch is large, expensive and has many things to improve as, but is also the first work acceptably well on both Android and iPhone, using a touch screen with various apps. It connects directly to the Internet via mobile phone to synchronize with exclusive apps. Its price is around € 350

5. iPod nano

The iPod nano, hit the market as the redesign, touch screen, its predecessor. There has never been a wristwatch as such, and not even meant to be, but since its launch people gave this utility by various accessories. Their limited functionality and no connectivity did not allow for much, but maybe, just maybe, be the spark that lit the fuse in the 2010 iwatch future.

5 Cool Things

Well I should probably get some meat added to this here site, and I’m going to start by listing FIVE things that I think are cool and worthy of inclusion on the site.

It’s mostly things I’ve just stumbled upon (not via though) in my daily life, and things that I’d like to remember in a year’s time or something when I look back to see what my first post was about. Scary though.

Anyway, Christmas is coming and there are a whole bunch of list-type posts littering the web, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and maybe or maybe not Christmassy, you decide on that one!

1.) Hobby Drones

These things are pretty cool right? I know there are all sorts of issues that are going to come of them in the future, but people are doing some really interesting things with them. Amateur photography is never going to be the same again.

Yeah so some people are going to use them to spy on their neighbours, but at least the technology has a use other than killing people.

They’re not too expensive either, so maybe they WOULD make a good gift. Hmm..should I?

2.) Straight Razors

So I was reading this post on shaving tips for men recently. You’d think it would be nothing special, but it actually blew my mind. There were so many useful tips in there and I found out I’d been approaching shaving in totally the wrong way. Really surprised me.

Anyway, one thing I learned was that straight razors are really fantastic, and the mroe research I do, the mroe I realize they’re becoming more popular again. I think you can get some on Amazon, but there are probably some cool vintage ones near your area too.

Dom Wells from has put together a pretty cool site actually, so if you want to get in touch with your inner man, go check it out.

3.) Ugly Christmas Suits

Fine, I admit it, this is going to be a Christmas list. I planned it all along.


Seriously though, have you seen these things?

Image from Go check it out.

They’re so ugly that they’re cool. Kind of like Bulldogs.

4.) Cool Breakfasts

Yep, not a particular “item” as such, but still something very cool. Check out this post to see what I mean.

As the article says, it’s amazing how much imagination we lack when it comes to the “most important meal of the day”, so I think we should really start rectifying that.

This morning I had a shake though, so not exactly awe-inspiring.

5.) AeroGarden

I can’t remember where I first saw it, I just think it’s a really cool concept, and for people with a small apartment, lack of balcony, or whatever, I actually think it’s just a pretty cool idea.

Well that’s my list! What do you think? I know that it is totally random, but that is in keeping with the theme of the site and where I’d like to take it.

I’m sure that a few months from now I will have a more “niche” direction, but for now I’m just going to throw stuff around. Not literally, that would be dangerous.