Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Floor Jack Safe and Functioning

If you own a floor jack it is essential that it is working properly, not only for a faster, efficient, and uninterrupted work but also for the user’s safety.

While I was reading this on how to repair a floor jack that won’t hold pressure, a question had struck me “how to keep a floor jack safe and functioning?” Fortunately, there are ways on how to maintain a floor jack and keep it safe and functional throughout the years; these include the following:

#1: Habitual inspection

Before using your floor jack, make sure that it is fully functional. Check if there are cracks, loose screws, bolts, or nuts. Look for damages that need immediate attention. If you find some, you have to repair or replace the damaged parts. Also, check if there are signs of oil leak; this is often an indication that either the jack’s oil reservoir is damaged or the unit is overflowing with hydraulic oil. Moreover, check the wheels; the floor jack’s wheels are one of the critical parts of the unit’s system.

If you think you can’t handle the floor jack’s technical problem, you need to consult the experts to avoid further and risky problems when working with the jack.

Do not leave any parts without inspecting because bad things can happen without warning.

#2: Always keep the jack clean

A floor jack is always exposed to grease; to keep the unit functional and safe to use, make it a habit to clean the jack regularly. Use a cloth that is lightly oiled when cleaning the surfaces down; this will help reduce rust formation. Give your floor jack a thorough cleaning at least twice a year; this includes cleaning the hydraulic oil reservoir and more. Overall floor jack maintenance also includes bringing the unit to a jack repair and servicing shop.

#3: Do not forget to lubricate the moving parts

Make it a habit to lubricate the moving parts including the unit’s hinges and wheels by using heavy grease; grease works better than lubricating oil because grease won’t drip. However, do not forget that during annual floor jack overall cleanup you have to remove the grease that had built-up; afterward, you may re-lubricate it again with grease.

#4: Always change the oil

While it is important to ensure that the hydraulic oil reservoir is filled with the right level of hydraulic oil; it is also imperative that the reservoir should be drained from old oil once every year and replaced with new hydraulic oil for smooth operation. Take not to fill the reservoir with the right level of oil to avoid damages.

#5: Consider “bleeding”

“Bleeding” in terms of floor jack repair and maintenance is a process of retracting the position of the unit’s release valve – positioned at anti-clockwise of the handle – and the removal and replacement of the oil filler screw. It is a process of continuous pumping and screwing of the handle multiple times just to remove the trapped air – one of the common reasons why a floor jack can’t hold pressure or can’t lift a weight.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to keep a floor jack functional at all times; not only for a faster and efficient work but also for the user’s safety.