How Does Turmeric Help Your Diabetes

Turmeric Helps Your Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the diseases for which the medical science has no answer. Diabetes is caused when your body is not able to create satisfactory levels of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. There are many medicines that can be used to control diabetes but they are quite expensive.It affects people aged 20 or more. You cannot completely cure it but you can control it by medicines but the medicinal treatment for diabetes is quite expensive. It is estimated by a study that more than 15000$ is spent by a person suffering from type 1 diabetes and more than 34000$ for a person suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is a very expensive treatment and not every one is able to afford it. Can there be a less expensive method?

Turmeric’s healing touch

Many say turmeric can be used to control disease. Turmeric is known for it’s medicinal values and it is used in many ways like in case of wounds it can be used as antiseptic. Its main component curcumin is the mainly responsible for its versatile properties. According to Many researches and studies have revealed that diabetes can be prevented and treated by the use of turmeric. It is mainly found in Asia and is a major food component in various food items. It is used to cure many diseases throughout the world which makes it a versatile spice. It recently became popular as it was believed curcumin which is a major component of turmeric could be used to cure diseases like cancer and diabetes.

How turmeric prevents diabetes

Curcumin is the major component of turmeric which is mainly responsible for its versatile medicinal properties. It is also used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that curcumin can decrease the level of glucose in blood and also counteract many diabetic complications. Others believe that turmeric extracts can be used stabilize blood sugar and help in making diabetes more manageable. Even though it seems correct but it is not clinically proven. Turmeric can be useful but it cannot be used in diet plan of a diabetic. If you are using it care must be taken, if you are using turmeric supplements then you must consult a doctor. It should be taken wisely as it has many side effects like nausea, diarrhea and kidney stones therefore it will be wise to start with lower usage.It would be a wise step to consult with a doctor before you start taking turmeric supplements since doctors would have a better understanding of your health status and would be able to create perfect diet plans.


Turmeric has a lot of medicinal values and is used to cure a variety of diseases. Even though it is not clinically proven yet it can be used to control diabetes. Since overuse of turmeric can cause various side effects like indigestion, diarrhea, nausea and in severe cases it may even cause kidney stones. So before taking even the best turmeric supplement you should consult a doctor as some might be allergic to turmeric. These things might be helpful in controlling diabetes but exercises have a very significant role in diabetes management. You must include all the nutrients in your diet and you must be very active only then you can control this disease.