Fossil Gen 4 vs Samsung Gear S3 – Reviews That You Should Check Out

Have you ever experienced to buy a smartwatch with many options that you need to choose from? Of course, in many things, there is always a comparison and competition. But, as long as you know what you want most, then surely you will not fail in the end in finding what is really your goal. Just like me, you will surely have doubt in choosing the best between the two things, just in case you are being pushed to choose between the two. In a situation like this, I usually come into a specific solution, that is too detailed the best information and mostly comparing the differences between the two.

In this article, you will find a discussion about comparing the Fossil Gen 4 to the Samsung Gear S3.  You can find here the differences between the two and its pros and cons. This article will also help you decide what is your best choice among the two and mostly, help you to decide which smartwatch is best for you. Here are the differences between the two:

  • The Fossil Gen 4 can be used as a data tracker for your swimming through downloading 3rd party apps, while the Gear S3 is just water-resistant and does not tracks swimming data.
  • The Gear S3 can be connected to Myfitnesspal, a fitness app where you can track your health through the food and calories you take in your body. This app does not support on Fossil Gen 4.
  • The Gear S3 answers call because it has a speaker, while the Fossil Gen 4 does not have, it only uses ‘voice to text’ in sending messages.
  • Just in case your phone is lost, you can easily find it through Gear S3 smartwatch, using Bluetooth, wifi and GPS connection, or you have lost your watch and find it through your connected phone. Fossil Gen 4 only helps you find your phone when it is in the range of Bluetooth device, but you cannot find it using other 3rd party apps.
  • In terms of the warranty period, Gear S3 offers 12-month warranty while the Fossil Gen 4 offers a 2-year warranty.
  • If you love to use Tizen OS platform, then Gear S3 is more efficient of it through its rotating bezel, while on Fossil Gen 4 is not that efficient enough.
  • This is one of the many complaints of many users, the battery life. Well, in terms of battery, the Gear S3 can last up to 42 hours while the Fossil Gen 4 can only last 24 hours.
  • Speaking of UI interface, Gear S3 receives the high ratings compared to Fossil Gen 4. Also, you can add events to your Gear S3.
  • If you love music, then consider this smartwatch. The Fossil Gen 4 can be connected to Google Play Music but you cannot download external music. The Gear S3 can able to download external music but no app for Google Play Music. Both of these smartwatches can be connected to Spotify too.

These are just examples of the differences between the two advanced smartwatches. If you want to find out more about its other details, you may visit and find out which smartwatch is perfect for your needs. Surely, you will be amazed in knowing the advanced features and differences of this smartwatch, thus, check it out and get one yours now!