5 Best Tech SmartWatches

Every often a new idea comes to flood more technological market. Some time ago the term “wearables” made its appearance in the section of gadgets an in the end applies to the devices you can have on your body for all day almost always bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and watches.

So this article is about smart watches. As any appliance that is being born there is a standard, yet that makes a smart watch the best or the most perfect of its kind, each manufacturer has made its launch try to do as you think it should be, undoubtedly contributing a different user experience.

While the best smart watches might not be as good as the best swiss-made watches, they are still something to admire and be proud of all the same.

However, if we generalize a bit that would define an Intelligent watch we could agree that it would be: “A wrist device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone allowing viewing through the same real-time notifications, also including basic functions such as display time and be able to use timer, stopwatch, etc.” Hence, here are best 5 cool tech watches available in the market.

1. Pebble

The Pebble is an initiative through the Kickstarter program achieving collect more than $10 million. Among its most striking features is its screen, the pebble offers a screen monochrome e-paper or electronic paper.

Its main attraction is that it can be visualized in any light condition for, either very bright or very dark, its environment always looks better and has a low power consumption, allowing you to pebble a range of more than a week on a single charge.

There are hundreds of applications for the clock to get the most productivity out of it.

2. Samsung Gear 2

As always innovative and assertive Samsung was one of the first to venture into this world to do the launch of Galaxy Gear. It has now enhanced by the Samsung Gear 2 presents attractive features, among which stand to take pictures directly from the watch, and photos taken are sent and stored in your phone.

You can answer calls directly on the clock without gripping the phone. The only disadvantage is that it is only accessible to Samsung smartphones and its price makes it little difficult for everyone.

3. Sony SW2

Like Samsung, Sony appears venturing into this world from the beginning, the Sony SW2 is a SmartWatch that allows connection to any Android device via Bluetooth. It can display notifications for most common applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and some differences such as it not only notifies Whatsapp messages received, but also can preview the message on the display.

In my opinion is one of the most standardized and is the path that eventually most SmartWatch take.

4. I’m Watch

A unique watch from a small Italian company that has shown a way forward. The I’m watch is large, expensive and has many things to improve as, but is also the first work acceptably well on both Android and iPhone, using a touch screen with various apps. It connects directly to the Internet via mobile phone to synchronize with exclusive apps. Its price is around € 350

5. iPod nano

The iPod nano, hit the market as the redesign, touch screen, its predecessor. There has never been a wristwatch as such, and not even meant to be, but since its launch people gave this utility by various accessories. Their limited functionality and no connectivity did not allow for much, but maybe, just maybe, be the spark that lit the fuse in the 2010 iwatch future.