Traveling Tips, Keeping Your Laptop Safe and Secured



Traveling for the purpose of soul-searching or retreat does not mean you have to leave everything behind. Sure, when it comes to that, you need to be free from all the strains of life during this kind of peaceful escapade. However, there are several things that you do not want to miss out with some once in a lifetime experience and that includes your online journal; which means, you can never leave your laptop at home.

So, to make sure that you keep your personal buddy safe and secured, below are some tips to keep your laptop left unharmed while traveling:

  • Number one rule: Make sure you have the most secured laptop bag.

It is one instrument to make your laptop safe from the glares of thieves; but, there are equally important things than that like those mundane things that usually happens during rushing to squeeze into your scheduled flight. There are some instances that it could accidentally be dropped or squeezed in.

So, when it comes to laptop bags choose the one that can well-cushion the laptop. One best example for stylish and efficient bags for the laptop are the Kaukko Vintage Drawstring Backpack, you can learn more here.

  • Make sure to lock your hotel room whenever you leave

Not all the time, while traveling, you can bring the laptop with you; so, leaving it at your hotel room is the best idea. However, there are several instances that you cannot entirely trust the hotel with their security. So, here is one hotel safety tip for travelers like you; if you are about to leave the hotel for several hours, try hanging the “Do not Disturb” sign. Thus, neither the hotel housekeepers nor the management can enter your room, unless it is important.

  • Make sure to use VPN

VPN’s are very important when traveling especially when you are using your laptop to an unsecured hotspots area. Remember, there are active online hackers around the globe; however, by using VPN, you are able to mask your current IP address enabling you to protect your important online information such as name, address, and even credit card information.

  • Install an anti-virus software

Again, there are several cases that by using an unfamiliar Wi-Fi network could cause your security breach. So, make sure to install anti-virus software while using the hotel or airport’s Wi-Fi free connection.

  • Do not forget to install theft recovery software

There are a lot of chances of your laptop being stolen even if you are not a traveler, as long as your laptop is left unattended. Installing theft recovery software will give you high chances of locating your laptop with the help of local authorities.

  • Always make a backup copy and make sure to create a strong password

Inevitably, you can no longer retrieve your laptop; make sure that you have backups with you. Also, by data encrypting and providing strong password will make it difficult for identity thieves to track your important personal information.


On the other note, when it comes to safety and security of any of your important belongings, the best way to keep them from any danger, is to be vigilant to any possible unwanted things that might happen and always stay alerted.

How To Plan An Oktoberfest Party

plan an oktoberfest party 1

Oktoberfest parties have rapidly become part of the American society as they are German in the society. Each year a huge number of Oktoberfest celebrations everywhere throughout the world come together to celebrate it with flavor food, toe-tapping music, and the hearty German beer. Oktoberfest celebrations start in the most late September. In the 1800’s they moved the celebrations back to consider a better climate conditions since September evenings were much warmer in Germany.

Here are the basics that you need in order to throw wunderbar Oktoberfest party:

Oktoberfest Party Location

The most widely recognized location to host Oktoberfest celebrations is outside, underneath substantial tents with long tables underneath. This was the means by which it was initially done in Germany and upto date.

Oktoberfest Party Decorations

While decorating the party location, you ought to make use of red, gold and dark colors, which make the German flag. For an economical touch that is certain to have a sensational influence, hang a bunch of blooms from the centre of the roof with streamers transmitting out from underneath it towards the edges of the room. Decorate the dividers with various notices of Germany, German banners, different sorts of hotdog and imps, and the German staple—lager. Likewise put steins loaded with wheat or crisp harvest time blooms on top of the tables for imaginative centerpieces. To plunge considerably assist into the genuine Oktoberfest soul, you can wear a pleasant pair of lederhosen or a few suspenders!

Oktoberfest Party Food

What better approach to observe German legacy and society than with a few delectable German food! You will need to join a number of the heavenly and filling culinary pleasures that Germany is understood for into your gathering menu. This incorporates classics, for example, sauerkraut, bratwurst, pretzels, and schnitzel of all varieties! Some well known side dishes to get ready incorporate potato dumplings, cheddar spaetzle noodles goulash, and potato flapjacks. As though that won’t be filling enough, you can’t overlook some delightful German sweets like apple strudel and German chocolate cake. We should simply trust that no one at your Oktoberfest gathering is attempting to check their calories! There are a lot of German formulas discovered online so you are certain to locate the ideal German treat for your Oktoberfest party! Obviously, there is dependably the alternative of contracting a cook to simplify your gathering arrangement also!

Oktoberfest Party Activities

If you need to flavor things up at your Oktoberfest gathering, consider arranging out some interesting exercises for the visitors to share in. A well known is the stein races. This includes topping off brew steins to the overflow with lager or water and afterward having groups race to a specified separation. Whoever has the most fluid left in their stein toward the end wins. If you need to snicker your “arsches” off think about having as a warbling rivalry. You can judge the challengers in an assortment of different regions.

Pass The Pumpkin: Similar to the hot potato game with the exception that pass around a pumpkin while listening to German music while playing

Stop Dance: Kids move around while listening to German music, at whatever point the music stops they need to stop also, the last child to quit moving is out

Oktoberfest Party Beer

A key element of the whole Oktoberfest experience is the beer. You will need to make sure to have a lot of good brew available. It is best to incorporate no less than one barrel of OK German beer. You can even set up a lager tasting table for your visitors to have a taste of the different blends that Germany brings to the table.

If you might want assistance while arranging your “wunderbar” Oktoberfest party click here for helpful arrangements!

A Day Out In Lake Okoboji

Real Estate Okoboji


An incredible place to visit at any time of year, stunning Lake Okoboji is the heart of Iowa’s collection of great lakes. Gifted with an incredible blue shade not seen in many of the other Great Lakes and at a depth of 134 feet, Lake Okoboji is the ideal location for a day trip. As it said on, the best part of the year for visiting this lake is summer, but even though tourists visit it throughout the whole year.

Water Activities

For water lovers short on vacation time, a day out in Lake Okoboji has a whole host of water activities that keep the whole family entertained for a morning or afternoon. The more daring individuals in your group can enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding while boating and canoeing or simply going for a relaxing swim can satisfy the less adventurous spirits. The lake water is fed from a spring, which means it offers an excellent swimming experience.

Besides water sports and golf, fishing around Lake Okoboji is another very popular pastime with visitors to the region. Hiring a boat for the afternoon or employing the services of one of the many professional fishing guides in the area will ensure you get out to the ideal spots to reel in some superb looking bass and big bluegill. Back on land and you won’t have to exaggerate the size of your catch since many reports describe the fish in the lake to be up to and beyond an impressive six pounds.

Main Attractions

Lake Okoboji is home to many of the region’s best attractions. First, the Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum has an exceptional display of historical and memorabilia for locals and visitors of all ages to enjoy, and since it is a relatively small exhibition, it is a perfect quick activity for families with young kids. Second, the choice of conventional golf courses and miniature golf gives visitors a pleasurable golf experience no matter their abilities.Due to incredible offer lake okoboji real estate has been expanding significantly.


After spending an enjoyable morning on the water or at the mini golf course, it’s worth stopping off at the shopping strip to have a wander around some of the unique, one of a kind stores and boutiques. There’s a wide range of stores on offer, including clothing and jewelry boutiques to try on the latest lakeside fashions, book stores for reading the latest bestseller at the lake, gift shops to buy souvenirs for family and friends back home, bait and tackle stores for fishing enthusiasts, and so much more.

Evening Fun

The trip doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down; far from it. That’s because Lake Okoboji boasts terrific nightlife in the form of welcoming restaurants, bars and pubs that often include outdoor, lakeside areas to grab a bite to eat and have a drink. Meanwhile, there are numerous venues that offer live entertainment and the chance to slip on your dancing shoes and jive the night away.

Many of the eateries and bars also provide accommodation for tourists. And if you have the time to stay over in Okoboji, then why not enjoy a romantic sunset cruise with a loved one after your meal. It has to be the perfect way to end the day.