Different Types Of Golf Bags

Been playing a lot of golf today, you might say I’m “on fire”. Thought I’d just write a post to address some of the different types of golf bags out there.

Bag shopping doesn’t have to be tedious. In fact, it can be as easy as 1-2-3 because all you need to think about when buying golf bags are three things. First, how many clubs do you want to bring for your game? Second, how do you want to carry your bag all throughout the game? Lastly, what type of player are you? If you answer these three questions, you are almost done with the picking of your golf bag.

Listed below are the 4 types of golf bags available for beginner to pro golfers:

Carry Bags

This is also referred to as the Sunday bags or the “essentials bags.” Why? Of all the golf bags available, this type of bag is lightweight and as the term says, it can carry essentials only. The usual material for this is nylon. Some carry bags are plastic or polyester. You can carry it on your back or side and it weighs around 2 pounds at least. It can usually accommodate your basic golf club set. The basic set is around 4 clubs.

It has a pocket for the spare balls, another pocket for the tees and a beverage patch. It will become heavy to bring if there are more pockets on the bag and it was not built that way. If you are a newbie golfer or someone who plays the game for fun with friends, this is the bag for you.

Stand Bags

You may see on TV that pro players have their own caddies. Well, even if you are not a pro, you can hire someone to carry your bag for you. But some people love the exercise and the extra challenge of bringing their own things in the course. With that, stand bags have become really popular. It has retractable legs which can stand on its own while you putt or tee. It also has wheels so you can it drag it anywhere.

It weighs around 5lbs and has features like a hip pad to make your walking easier if you decide to carry it backpack-style. Yes most stand bags have two back straps for carrying purposes. It really is up to you on how you prefer to bring it.

Cart Bags

If you plan on walking the course while carrying your golf bag, then, the cart bag is NOT for you. A cart bag is specifically used with a golf cart. It is not made to be carried by the golfer or his caddie. It has to be strapped on the back of the cart. If you are walking with a pulley, this bag can work for you too.

Some golf courses require a cart while playing so it is befitting for you to use a cart bag by then. In average, it weighs around 7lbs and it is much lighter than the staff bag. (Staff bag will be discussed next.) The base of the bag is usually non-slip and made of rubber to avoid falling off the cart.

Staff Bags

This is the PRO bag or the TOUR bag. Staff bags are usually made of leather and a bit on the heavy side. The body of the bag is wide wherein patches and stickers of sponsors are placed for visibility. You can say that staff bags are usually high quality and high in price as well.

It can hold 14 clubs at one time and weighs more or less 10lbs. It is very heavy, yes. But if you need to organize your golf clubs and accessories, this is the bag for you. Just be sure to hire a caddie to bring it for you otherwise you will get tired before reaching the second hole.