Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Floor Jack Safe and Functioning

If you own a floor jack it is essential that it is working properly, not only for a faster, efficient, and uninterrupted work but also for the user’s safety.

While I was reading this on how to repair a floor jack that won’t hold pressure, a question had struck me “how to keep a floor jack safe and functioning?” Fortunately, there are ways on how to maintain a floor jack and keep it safe and functional throughout the years; these include the following:

#1: Habitual inspection

Before using your floor jack, make sure that it is fully functional. Check if there are cracks, loose screws, bolts, or nuts. Look for damages that need immediate attention. If you find some, you have to repair or replace the damaged parts. Also, check if there are signs of oil leak; this is often an indication that either the jack’s oil reservoir is damaged or the unit is overflowing with hydraulic oil. Moreover, check the wheels; the floor jack’s wheels are one of the critical parts of the unit’s system.

If you think you can’t handle the floor jack’s technical problem, you need to consult the experts to avoid further and risky problems when working with the jack.

Do not leave any parts without inspecting because bad things can happen without warning.

#2: Always keep the jack clean

A floor jack is always exposed to grease; to keep the unit functional and safe to use, make it a habit to clean the jack regularly. Use a cloth that is lightly oiled when cleaning the surfaces down; this will help reduce rust formation. Give your floor jack a thorough cleaning at least twice a year; this includes cleaning the hydraulic oil reservoir and more. Overall floor jack maintenance also includes bringing the unit to a jack repair and servicing shop.

#3: Do not forget to lubricate the moving parts

Make it a habit to lubricate the moving parts including the unit’s hinges and wheels by using heavy grease; grease works better than lubricating oil because grease won’t drip. However, do not forget that during annual floor jack overall cleanup you have to remove the grease that had built-up; afterward, you may re-lubricate it again with grease.

#4: Always change the oil

While it is important to ensure that the hydraulic oil reservoir is filled with the right level of hydraulic oil; it is also imperative that the reservoir should be drained from old oil once every year and replaced with new hydraulic oil for smooth operation. Take not to fill the reservoir with the right level of oil to avoid damages.

#5: Consider “bleeding”

“Bleeding” in terms of floor jack repair and maintenance is a process of retracting the position of the unit’s release valve – positioned at anti-clockwise of the handle – and the removal and replacement of the oil filler screw. It is a process of continuous pumping and screwing of the handle multiple times just to remove the trapped air – one of the common reasons why a floor jack can’t hold pressure or can’t lift a weight.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to keep a floor jack functional at all times; not only for a faster and efficient work but also for the user’s safety.

The Wrinkle Solution

They say that with age comes wisdom and this is true even if it’s just for the simple reason that age provides you with the opportunity to make more mistakes; and hopefully, the same opportunity to learn from those mistakes. What is left unsaid is that age not only comes with wisdom, but age also comes with wrinkles.

Thankfully, we live in an age where there is an increasing movement against ageism. More and more, you’ll see companies and individuals bucking the social norms. Social media, for all the flack it receives has been instrumental in providing a medium of expression for those who would have had difficulty getting their message heard.

One rising Instagram star defying the prototype of the youthful, wrinkle free Instagram star is Lyn Slater; a stylish 60 something that flaunts her age and more than gets away with it. Lyn’s Instagram Bio states that she is a Digital Creative, Public Professor, Consultant, Speaker and Model. If her 666 thousand strong following is any indication, Lyn Slater’s unapologetic celebration of her age and fashion is a resounding hit.

Another woman that is breaking all the rules and in doing so, winning at life is 80 something year old Helen Ruth Van Winkle. Helen’s Instagram account, Baddie Winkle has a 3.8M following and is absolutely crushing the Instagram game with her quirky, unconventional Instagram posts. Baddie Winkle challenges society’s every preconceived notion about what is suitable for elder women. Helen’s Instagram is a cheerful amalgamation of bright colours, midriff baring and body hugging outfits. You can also find Helen breaking out the lingerie upon occasion.

So, yes, age does come with wrinkles but these women and their peers are showing us that it doesn’t come with limits. They show us that you can be a better version of yourself than you were in your twenties. They show us that you can still choose to wear better and brighter colours, if you so choose. They show us that any of these choices will help you become the person you truly want to be instead of someone who is caged by the constraints of what is expected by society.

One change that you might need to make is your choice of cosmetics, not because you now need to wear age appropriate shades. Both Lyn and Helen have firmly established that nothing and everything can be considered age appropriate. You might want to rethink your choice of cosmetics simply because there are cosmetics that are especially formulated for more mature skin. Choosing the right formulation will not only give you the flawless finish that you want bit depending on your needs it can also save you the hassle of bothersome touch ups.

If you need an unbiased review about foundation that works well with mature skin you might want to drop by Their reviews cover a wide range of foundation choices suitable for specific skin types and conditions and any of these choices will help you in the search for that perfect foundation match.

Gift Ideas In Personalized By Kate

Living in the generation wherein products are mass produced, it is normal to want to have something unique. There are lots of gift ideas in the market; however people always search for something personal. The best option is simple. Personalized item is the perfect choice. Since it is the current trend, you could find lots of store offering this type of services; both physical and online. This type of gift enables the sender to express affection and appreciation to the receiver in a more intimate manner rather than just buying the most expensive gift you could find in the market. The gift becomes a more valuable experience to the recipient since it is one of a kind. It greatly reflects lots of efforts from the sender therefore this type of gifts are more appreciated.

Online Shop –

In the advent of internet, online stores are readily available.  If you opt for the online channel, is one of the best choices. It is an online store based in the US. It offers wide range of products and services for every occasion.

Convenience is an online shop therefore it is available anytime, anywhere. You could shop conveniently with your smartphones or laptops whenever or wherever you are. Simply choose the design you want and dedication or name you want to include with the product for personal effect. Payment method is also easy since it accepts all major credit cards or you could pay it via PayPal.

Great Selection

Every moment is special; thus, it deserves a special gift to make it memorable. Personalized By Kate have wide range of selection. You will have an option to browse it by occasion (Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Easter, Baby Shower, etc.). You could also select by recipient whether it is a gift for the kids, for her or him or even your grandparents. If you have a specific product in mind you could definitely browse it by the types of product and just simply instruct the dedication that comes with it. The store’s specialty is monogram. It always makes sure that your gift is perfect and enables you to be active part of the process by sending the final design for review before engraving it to the finish product.

Reasonable Price

Personalized item is usually expensive as they are custom made however Personalized By Kate offers products and services starting with $10 only.

Shipping and Delivery Option

Unlike on physical store where you will personally pick up and send your gift, Personalized By Kate is a total opposite since you could do the transaction purely online. All you need to do is fill out necessary information and the shop will handle all the delivery of your personalized items all over US. This store also offers gift wrapping service of your choice and you may even instruct to put a personal note.

Customer Service

Personalized By Kate values customer. If you are in search for something and you don’t have an exact standard to what it is, you can always ask their customer service for some help; like when you’re searching for Housewarming Gift Ideas. They have designated hotline for customer’s inquiries and feedback. You could also email them via website by filling out the form in Contact Us section of the page. Find Your Meaning of Coziness

When was the last time you travelled?

Nowadays, people are spending most of their waking hours inside an office or in any work space. Their normal routine consists of preparing for work, being at work, and going home from work. There is less time for the self and more on earning and being a person what they want others to see. People sometimes neglect the importance of having time for themselves to unwind and to totally be at peace; leaving the heaviness of problems behind. With this said, it is best to travel in places that will give you the comfort that you will need. Although there are tons of places you can visit, which one of them should you go first? In, you will find various travel destinations that you can choose from. But what is

Cozy Stream is a reliable source where you can find various information in regards to making your life comfortable as possible; whether it be about certain travel destinations, power tool information, and more.

Cozy Stream is founded buy two (2) digital nomad that wishes to share their take on coziness in life and in other aspect. Together with their guest authors, they dream of reaching their goal which is to help people, readers, and wanderers with reliable guides and tips for them to be able to create their own cozy lifestyle. Greg and Kate, the two digital nomads, have travelled in various places across the world. As digital nomads, they are able to perform their work even in remote locations; and because of this, they have the opportunity to search the meaning of coziness in their life.  Every person has their own meaning of coziness; as no one can define it for you.  You can find your meaning and explore like these two digital nomads.

In travelling, there are things that you should consider and should be aware of. With this said, here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to travelling.

Travelling is not about being always on the go. Although travelling might seem fun, it can sometimes be overwhelming to the point that you would rather stay in and do everything under the security of a roof; nothing is wrong with that. As long as you are in someplace that is new or away from your usual location; with a beautiful view and comfortable environment, you can stay in as long as you want. Travelling is not always about walking in an unknown area or climbing local hiking trails; it is also about giving yourself time to relax.

It is best to be properly prepared when it comes to travelling. Some people might find “freestyle” appealing, it is still better to be prepared even for a little bit. Exploring and unknown location can be challenging especially if the locals don’t speak the same language as you. For some, this might seem not to be a big of a deal and being lost is also part of the beauty of travelling; if so, then by all means do it your way. As long as you enjoy your time in unwinding and distressing, you can do anything you want. Find your meaning of coziness by travelling and exploring.

Top Things to Love About Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen

Moisturizing the skin is essential, especially during colder winter months and drier season. During these seasons the skin starts to dry – one of the factors to cause premature aging. The very first part of the body that often gets affected by premature aging is the face; this is the reason why, when moisturizing, you should not only be concerned with your mid and lower parts of your body but you also need to put some moisturizing face sunscreen, especially during summer.

When it comes to moisturizing face sunscreen, the Suntegrity 5-in-1 is one of the best options in the market today; you visit this website for additional details. Meanwhile, here are the top things to love about Suntegrity 5-in-1 moisturizing face sunscreen:

1. It is a sunscreen and moisturizer in one

One of the best things about Suntegrity 5-in-1, it is a moisturizer and face sunscreen at the same time. You do not have to get mixed up by choosing a moisturizer and forget about sunscreen or choose the otherwise. The Suntegrity is a well-formulated facial beauty regimen that keeps your face hydrated and well-protected from the sun. It won’t leave any of those white films like most of the sunscreens today.

Suntegrity 5-in-1 contains SPF 30 protection – safe and the right sunscreen to use.

2. It is from all natural ingredients

Most of the chemical-based beauty products are harsh to the skin – there’s no doubt with that. One of the common reasons why most dermatologists are against using some chemical-based products on the face is it can cause wrinkles, dark spots, and breakouts too. Fortunately, there are all natural products that are sold in the market today – just like the Suntegrity 5-in-1.

Suntegrity is a formulation from the following certified organic ingredients:

•    Aloe vera
•    Jojoba
•    Sunflower
•    Pomegranate
•    Green tea
•    Cucumber

Additionally, the Suntegrity contains these safe ingredients:

•    Hyaluronic acid
•    Astaxanthin
•    Red algae

The Suntegrity 5-in-1 is safe to use; it does not contain these harmful ingredients:

•    Parabens
•    Phthalates
•    Propylene Glycol
•    Mineral Oils
•    Synthetic Dyes
•    Sulfates
•    Paba
•    Titanium Dioxide
•    Nano-Particles
•    Chemical UV Absorbers

Plus, it is a vegan and reef friendly product that you’d seldom find in the beauty market today.

3. It’s a foundation

Yes, that’s right.

The Suntegrity 5-in-1 can be used as a foundation too. If you want to look natural – less make-up and less drama, just natural – you can use the Suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen.

Final Thoughts

During the dry season, the skin becomes dry too; if you want to keep up a fresh look, Suntegrity 5-in-1 is one of the best options. It is a sunscreen, a moisturizer, and a foundation all combined. Plus, it is safe to use since it is made from all natural ingredients – free of dangerous parabens, chemicals, and more.

If you need to confirm how efficient Suntegrity 5-in-1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen is, try to read reliable posts and reviews like this.

How to Choose the Right Harley Davidson

Are you a big fan of motorcycles and love to go on country tours or even out of the country tours riding a motorcycle? Do you have a group of friends who share the same passion so you’ve been enjoying yourself in the summer for years riding motorcycles, enjoying the beauties of the country and simply having a good time? Is your old motorcycle beginning to show signs of aging, so you are now ready to buy a new one? If you are and your choice of a new motorcycle is a Harley Davidson, we know how to help you make a wise investment. As you probably know, the offer available on the market is a highly diverse one and it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to choose one model. The good news is that as long as you pay attention to a few details, you can easier guide the purchase towards an investment that you will not regret. Here are a few points to consider before you spend your money. Cross them off the list and we can assure you that you will narrow down the options and find the Harley Davidson that perfectly matches your needs and tastes.

1. Style- Always consider the style before you buy a Harley Davidson. The style of these motorcycles is infamous and I know that you will find a perfect fit. In addition to this, Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for being easily customizable. There are lots of people who buy or sell custom choppers in the UK and all that you have to do is to check out their offer. You will surely be impressed with what you can find.

2. Feel. You might fall in love with the style of a motorcycle but it is worthless if you don’t feel it smooth and you don’t feel like you can handle it well. This is why it is imperative to test a motorcycle before you buy it. Give it a try, see if it fits your driving style and your preferences. Some people prefer a seamless ride while others prefer a stiffer ride; it all depends on what your preferences are. You will surely get an answer to the question after driving the motorcycle for at least a short while.

3. Performance. Of course, the motorcycle’s performance is very important when it comes to deal breakers or deal makers. It is also the biggest issue to consider when you decide to invest in a new motorcycle. For example, a cruiser is more about style, as well as casual commuting. If you are more like a touring motorcycle driver, then you need a motorcycle especially designed for something like this. The touring motorcycle is heavier, it has better endurance and excellent stability.

Consider the points and features above before you decide to invest in a motorcycle and we can assure you of the fact that you will end up making an investment that you are not going to regret. Just do some thorough research prior to spending your money.

Fossil Gen 4 vs Samsung Gear S3 – Reviews That You Should Check Out

Have you ever experienced to buy a smartwatch with many options that you need to choose from? Of course, in many things, there is always a comparison and competition. But, as long as you know what you want most, then surely you will not fail in the end in finding what is really your goal. Just like me, you will surely have doubt in choosing the best between the two things, just in case you are being pushed to choose between the two. In a situation like this, I usually come into a specific solution, that is too detailed the best information and mostly comparing the differences between the two.

In this article, you will find a discussion about comparing the Fossil Gen 4 to the Samsung Gear S3.  You can find here the differences between the two and its pros and cons. This article will also help you decide what is your best choice among the two and mostly, help you to decide which smartwatch is best for you. Here are the differences between the two:

  • The Fossil Gen 4 can be used as a data tracker for your swimming through downloading 3rd party apps, while the Gear S3 is just water-resistant and does not tracks swimming data.
  • The Gear S3 can be connected to Myfitnesspal, a fitness app where you can track your health through the food and calories you take in your body. This app does not support on Fossil Gen 4.
  • The Gear S3 answers call because it has a speaker, while the Fossil Gen 4 does not have, it only uses ‘voice to text’ in sending messages.
  • Just in case your phone is lost, you can easily find it through Gear S3 smartwatch, using Bluetooth, wifi and GPS connection, or you have lost your watch and find it through your connected phone. Fossil Gen 4 only helps you find your phone when it is in the range of Bluetooth device, but you cannot find it using other 3rd party apps.
  • In terms of the warranty period, Gear S3 offers 12-month warranty while the Fossil Gen 4 offers a 2-year warranty.
  • If you love to use Tizen OS platform, then Gear S3 is more efficient of it through its rotating bezel, while on Fossil Gen 4 is not that efficient enough.
  • This is one of the many complaints of many users, the battery life. Well, in terms of battery, the Gear S3 can last up to 42 hours while the Fossil Gen 4 can only last 24 hours.
  • Speaking of UI interface, Gear S3 receives the high ratings compared to Fossil Gen 4. Also, you can add events to your Gear S3.
  • If you love music, then consider this smartwatch. The Fossil Gen 4 can be connected to Google Play Music but you cannot download external music. The Gear S3 can able to download external music but no app for Google Play Music. Both of these smartwatches can be connected to Spotify too.

These are just examples of the differences between the two advanced smartwatches. If you want to find out more about its other details, you may visit and find out which smartwatch is perfect for your needs. Surely, you will be amazed in knowing the advanced features and differences of this smartwatch, thus, check it out and get one yours now!

Features of Sterling Pro French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee is not only a drink, it is part of culture now. Coffee making is art and it requires time and concentration which is lacking in modern world. A good coffee mug needs proper preparation skills. Advanced technology has provided an answer to it by introducing French press coffee makers. Sterling pro French press is best example of it.

This French press does not only function as a coffee brewer, it also works great as a tea infuser. Additionally, you can use this to make hot chocolate, lemonade, and other beverages. As a bonus, the company gives two stainless steel screens along with the product. There are a lot of coffee makers but this one from Sterling pro is awesome

Importance of Sterling pro coffee maker:

With regard to which is the best French press coffee machine we can say that there are innumerable brands and models available for buyers, here come into play a considerable amount of variables such as, the price of the coffee machine, the materials used in its manufacture, the capacity of elaborated coffee that can provide us and others more. Sterling press coffee maker is best of the all because it provides fine grinding and excellent output. Sterling Pro is the brand that is of French origin and is designed specifically for those people who find it hard to resist a coffee that is made up of an excellent body and that is at the same time extremely aromatic. It is built in borosilicate glass that is very resistant to heat and that on the other hand is unable to absorb odors. This glass is surrounded by a frame built in stainless steel and that incorporates exquisite finishes in silver. This frame serves as protection to avoid burns, this coffee maker has several filters inside to efficiently achieve that all the coffee produced is free of lumps. Its design is extremely striking to the eye and is super functional at the same time.

Advantages of Sterling Pro coffee machines: 

·        They do not need electricity.

·        They have an elegant and simple design that consists of a glass cylinder, a plunger and a metal filter.

·        All you need to enjoy a fresh coffee is to boil water and your favorite ground coffee.

·        Virtually no maintenance

·        They are cleaned very easily

·        Having said that, it is possible that in some cases you are more interested in a drip coffee machine

The models do not change much over the years, a great advantage for us, that we will have the best coffee machine in the market and we will not get long teeth with new models.

Sterling pro French press coffee maker is designed for those people who do not want to complicate their lives a lot. Depending on the model we choose, we will be able to prepare a large quantity of coffee quickly and easily. You just have to be careful to choose and buy a good coffee with the correct grinding.

Top Reasons to Use Humidifiers over Vaporizers

Are you also pumped-up whether you should choose a humidifier over a vaporizer? Or the other way around?

Both devices have several benefits that are almost similar to each other; what makes them so different is how they are designed. Here are a few things that make the two devices different from each other:


•    The humidifiers are designed to increase the humidity or the moisture in the air by producing a cool mist.
•    The humidifier’s water droplets are visible in the air.
•    The humidifiers are ideally used during winter when there is cold and dry air present indoors.


•    The vaporizers can add moisture into the air by producing warm mist. Also, due to its warm mist, it may cause an increase in the level of humidity within indoors.
•    It has the ability to warm up the environment indoors.
•    For medical reasons, vaporizers are often used with essential oils from herbs to treat various diseases. Also, this may also be used for medications.

Which one you should choose?

Although there are main reasons why vaporizers are essential too, here are a few reasons why you should choose humidifiers over vaporizers.

Reason #1: Humidifiers are completely safe

Unlike the humidifiers, vaporizers are less recommended due to a high risk of getting burnt. Since the vaporizers are designed to generate hot steam by boiling water, chances are, if you are not careful enough to handle the vaporizer, you are at risk of getting a steam burn, either from the mist or from the device itself.

The humidifiers, on the other hand, are designed with a reservoir that keeps cold water. Through a filter that acts as the wick, it absorbs the water from the reservoir. As the fan blows the air across the wick filter, it helps evaporate the water and add the right amount of moisture into the air, while it helps increase the level of humidity within the room. In other words, unlike the vaporizers, humidifiers are the best choice when it comes to safety since it does not emit hot steam, especially when there are children up to 8 years old inside your house. If you are looking for the best humidifier available in the market today, here is a must read guide.

Reason #2: The heat of the vaporizers may cause you to feel swampy

Generally, the vaporizers emit hot steam that can increase the humidity in a room during dry and cold winter; however, if the vaporizer is not well-regulated, instead of feeling warm in a winter season, it will only increase the temperature in the room, making you feel swampy or dehydrated.

Reason #3: The humidifiers are easier to maintain

With patience and motivation, humidifiers are easier to clean and maintain; all you need to do is regularly clean the unit with clean water and a towel. However, if you need to disinfect the humidifier to avoid spreading of disease-causing-bacteria, you may also use bleach or white vinegar.

There are a lot of other reasons why humidifiers are better than vaporizers; if you need to get additional details on these, you may visit Optimum Humidity’s website today.

Which is Better Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner?

Some of you maybe have so much complained about warmer climates, right? Well, there are several downsides when you are residing in sunny areas. Admit it – it is EXHAUSTING! Even though you are in the park or on the beach it is quite cool to return home and as much as possible you are hiding from the sun rays. And it is one of the reasons why most of us, especially in tropical areas – where they begin to worship the cooling systems and several of them don’t know how to manage without the air conditioner.

That’s why there are people who called this evaporative cooler as a surprise. This evaporative cooler pumps and disperses water from the water tank units to sufficiently saturate the cooling pad. The air is drawn from the outside of your unit with a fan and the cooling pad. Aside from that, there is some popular AC that uses a chemical to ingest heat, and then transfer the energy to provide the cooling air.

But, there is always a comparison between the evaporative air cooler vs AC questions and answers.  Thus, below we provide you an analysis which will help you to determine which one is best of use.

AC vs Evaporative Air Cooler Comparison

When it comes to climate comparison, the evaporative cooler is compatible with dry and hot regions of the South Western US while AC is can stand for hot and humid regions. The evaporative cooler adds moisture to the air; meanwhile, air conditioner removes the moisture from the air.

An evaporative cooler is efficient in an enclosed or open environment while the air conditioner is only for enclosed environment purposes. The both vary when it comes to the CO2 emission; AC is relatively high while the evaporative cooler is extremely low.

Here, we also provide you the guide to discover the differences between the two, so you can decide which to buy.

#1: Distinguish if both have an Environmental Impact

Compare each environmental impact. Try to consider the product lines as a whole instead of specific units available in the market.

#2: Be mindful of the Air Circulation

Air circulation is very much important for your cooling system. This produces a high air quality circulating your place at an effective rate.

#3: Be aware of its running cost

Knowing the running cost of your electrical appliances is essential. Ensure that you are able to monitor your everyday running costs associated with using any of these airs cooling system.


Selecting the best and money-saving cooler is necessary and the biggest factor that will help your purchase depends on your environment. If you are residing in a dry or hot climate, the evaporative cooler may add moisture to the air as well as making your surroundings friendlier.  This also a big help since it is a money –saving energy.

For humid settings, the air conditioner is quite helpful as it removes the air moisture to prevent you from feeling irritable. Both have purposes, depending on your environment.