A Tent for Everyone in the Family

Every once in a while, you’d want to hit the countryside or just about anywhere far from the bustling city to bond with your family or friends. Far from the comforts of your home, you’ll probably be tagging along a bunch of tents that are not the best in terms of comfort; the number of tents that needs to be set up means that your group will have to take a lot of time for setting up, wasting the time where you’re supposed to be having fun.

Why not have just one tent? That’s right; a tent that will fit everyone that you tagged along for the trip. Meet an in-depth review of the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent as given by Wandering Privateer, a site specializing in guides and product reviews about all your camping needs.

The Cabin Tent

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent looks exactly like your typical tent, but it can do exactly as advertised: it can accommodate 9 people in it! Sporting 126 square feet of living space in a 9’x14’ living area and a height of 78 inches at the tallest point, the cabin tent can easily accommodate people as tall as 6’4 in its interior. Weighing at 35.1 lbs., nine adults can be comfortably lie down inside the tent and stay comfortable thanks to the windows with mesh openings. The expansive interior means that you can squeeze mattresses, sleeping bags, and even dog crates for the family pet.

A wall can be opened to accommodate more of your stuff, like mattresses, tables, and other gear you may be thinking of bringing along. Aside from the windows, an adjustable ground vent will keep the interior cool in warmer environments. The roof also has mesh panels with which to look at the stars while lying down.

Included components

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent comes with everything you’ll probably need for its setup: a carrying bag, the tent that is actually quite easy to set up for its size, stakes, guy lines, and a rainfly to keep off the bad weather. The poles are already attached so there’ll be no need to set them up too. It is recommended that the seams should be closed before using, and it must be noted that there is no tarp or something similar that acts as the floor, which the tent doesn’t have. It’s also recommended to acquire more suitable heavy duty stakes, as the ones included in the package don’t bend that well.

The interior comes with convenient pockets to keep your things off the ground, seemingly to compensate for a lack of a floor. It also comes with a privacy divider which can be zipped closed when you’re sleeping or dressing.

Setting up

Depending on the experience of the group, it will take one or two people to put the tent up and around. First, lay down the tarp that would serve as the floor, and remove the tent from the bag and place it on the middle of the tarp. Unfold the lime green corner poles from the center, and pick up the center poles in the gray sections and raise them until the other parts of the tent pops out. Go to the corners, straighten, and lock the poles; you’ll know that they’ve locked when you hear a click. Stake the corners down and put the rain fly over the top. The guy lines can be used in the face of a windy weather.


If you’re in an area that is susceptible to rainfall, Wandering Privateer recommends the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent. Though it can accommodate less people, it has the patented WeatherTec corner seams that make it perfect for camping in wetter areas. While the CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent has a rain fly, it wouldn’t be able to hold its own in severe weather conditions.

While the CORE cabin tent is not advisable when you’re just on the hike, as it is designed for long family camping trips in mind, it is still tantamount to bringing along your shelter, albeit smaller, when you go camping. Large, comfortable, and quite durable, you’ll be enjoying this home away from home for a long time.