The Wrinkle Solution

They say that with age comes wisdom and this is true even if it’s just for the simple reason that age provides you with the opportunity to make more mistakes; and hopefully, the same opportunity to learn from those mistakes. What is left unsaid is that age not only comes with wisdom, but age also comes with wrinkles.

Thankfully, we live in an age where there is an increasing movement against ageism. More and more, you’ll see companies and individuals bucking the social norms. Social media, for all the flack it receives has been instrumental in providing a medium of expression for those who would have had difficulty getting their message heard.

One rising Instagram star defying the prototype of the youthful, wrinkle free Instagram star is Lyn Slater; a stylish 60 something that flaunts her age and more than gets away with it. Lyn’s Instagram Bio states that she is a Digital Creative, Public Professor, Consultant, Speaker and Model. If her 666 thousand strong following is any indication, Lyn Slater’s unapologetic celebration of her age and fashion is a resounding hit.

Another woman that is breaking all the rules and in doing so, winning at life is 80 something year old Helen Ruth Van Winkle. Helen’s Instagram account, Baddie Winkle has a 3.8M following and is absolutely crushing the Instagram game with her quirky, unconventional Instagram posts. Baddie Winkle challenges society’s every preconceived notion about what is suitable for elder women. Helen’s Instagram is a cheerful amalgamation of bright colours, midriff baring and body hugging outfits. You can also find Helen breaking out the lingerie upon occasion.

So, yes, age does come with wrinkles but these women and their peers are showing us that it doesn’t come with limits. They show us that you can be a better version of yourself than you were in your twenties. They show us that you can still choose to wear better and brighter colours, if you so choose. They show us that any of these choices will help you become the person you truly want to be instead of someone who is caged by the constraints of what is expected by society.

One change that you might need to make is your choice of cosmetics, not because you now need to wear age appropriate shades. Both Lyn and Helen have firmly established that nothing and everything can be considered age appropriate. You might want to rethink your choice of cosmetics simply because there are cosmetics that are especially formulated for more mature skin. Choosing the right formulation will not only give you the flawless finish that you want bit depending on your needs it can also save you the hassle of bothersome touch ups.

If you need an unbiased review about foundation that works well with mature skin you might want to drop by Their reviews cover a wide range of foundation choices suitable for specific skin types and conditions and any of these choices will help you in the search for that perfect foundation match.

Gift Ideas In Personalized By Kate

Living in the generation wherein products are mass produced, it is normal to want to have something unique. There are lots of gift ideas in the market; however people always search for something personal. The best option is simple. Personalized item is the perfect choice. Since it is the current trend, you could find lots of store offering this type of services; both physical and online. This type of gift enables the sender to express affection and appreciation to the receiver in a more intimate manner rather than just buying the most expensive gift you could find in the market. The gift becomes a more valuable experience to the recipient since it is one of a kind. It greatly reflects lots of efforts from the sender therefore this type of gifts are more appreciated.

Online Shop –

In the advent of internet, online stores are readily available.  If you opt for the online channel, is one of the best choices. It is an online store based in the US. It offers wide range of products and services for every occasion.

Convenience is an online shop therefore it is available anytime, anywhere. You could shop conveniently with your smartphones or laptops whenever or wherever you are. Simply choose the design you want and dedication or name you want to include with the product for personal effect. Payment method is also easy since it accepts all major credit cards or you could pay it via PayPal.

Great Selection

Every moment is special; thus, it deserves a special gift to make it memorable. Personalized By Kate have wide range of selection. You will have an option to browse it by occasion (Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Easter, Baby Shower, etc.). You could also select by recipient whether it is a gift for the kids, for her or him or even your grandparents. If you have a specific product in mind you could definitely browse it by the types of product and just simply instruct the dedication that comes with it. The store’s specialty is monogram. It always makes sure that your gift is perfect and enables you to be active part of the process by sending the final design for review before engraving it to the finish product.

Reasonable Price

Personalized item is usually expensive as they are custom made however Personalized By Kate offers products and services starting with $10 only.

Shipping and Delivery Option

Unlike on physical store where you will personally pick up and send your gift, Personalized By Kate is a total opposite since you could do the transaction purely online. All you need to do is fill out necessary information and the shop will handle all the delivery of your personalized items all over US. This store also offers gift wrapping service of your choice and you may even instruct to put a personal note.

Customer Service

Personalized By Kate values customer. If you are in search for something and you don’t have an exact standard to what it is, you can always ask their customer service for some help; like when you’re searching for Housewarming Gift Ideas. They have designated hotline for customer’s inquiries and feedback. You could also email them via website by filling out the form in Contact Us section of the page. Find Your Meaning of Coziness

When was the last time you travelled?

Nowadays, people are spending most of their waking hours inside an office or in any work space. Their normal routine consists of preparing for work, being at work, and going home from work. There is less time for the self and more on earning and being a person what they want others to see. People sometimes neglect the importance of having time for themselves to unwind and to totally be at peace; leaving the heaviness of problems behind. With this said, it is best to travel in places that will give you the comfort that you will need. Although there are tons of places you can visit, which one of them should you go first? In, you will find various travel destinations that you can choose from. But what is

Cozy Stream is a reliable source where you can find various information in regards to making your life comfortable as possible; whether it be about certain travel destinations, power tool information, and more.

Cozy Stream is founded buy two (2) digital nomad that wishes to share their take on coziness in life and in other aspect. Together with their guest authors, they dream of reaching their goal which is to help people, readers, and wanderers with reliable guides and tips for them to be able to create their own cozy lifestyle. Greg and Kate, the two digital nomads, have travelled in various places across the world. As digital nomads, they are able to perform their work even in remote locations; and because of this, they have the opportunity to search the meaning of coziness in their life.  Every person has their own meaning of coziness; as no one can define it for you.  You can find your meaning and explore like these two digital nomads.

In travelling, there are things that you should consider and should be aware of. With this said, here are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to travelling.

Travelling is not about being always on the go. Although travelling might seem fun, it can sometimes be overwhelming to the point that you would rather stay in and do everything under the security of a roof; nothing is wrong with that. As long as you are in someplace that is new or away from your usual location; with a beautiful view and comfortable environment, you can stay in as long as you want. Travelling is not always about walking in an unknown area or climbing local hiking trails; it is also about giving yourself time to relax.

It is best to be properly prepared when it comes to travelling. Some people might find “freestyle” appealing, it is still better to be prepared even for a little bit. Exploring and unknown location can be challenging especially if the locals don’t speak the same language as you. For some, this might seem not to be a big of a deal and being lost is also part of the beauty of travelling; if so, then by all means do it your way. As long as you enjoy your time in unwinding and distressing, you can do anything you want. Find your meaning of coziness by travelling and exploring.