Which is Better Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner?

Some of you maybe have so much complained about warmer climates, right? Well, there are several downsides when you are residing in sunny areas. Admit it – it is EXHAUSTING! Even though you are in the park or on the beach it is quite cool to return home and as much as possible you are hiding from the sun rays. And it is one of the reasons why most of us, especially in tropical areas – where they begin to worship the cooling systems and several of them don’t know how to manage without the air conditioner.

That’s why there are people who called this evaporative cooler as a surprise. This evaporative cooler pumps and disperses water from the water tank units to sufficiently saturate the cooling pad. The air is drawn from the outside of your unit with a fan and the cooling pad. Aside from that, there is some popular AC that uses a chemical to ingest heat, and then transfer the energy to provide the cooling air.

But, there is always a comparison between the evaporative air cooler vs AC questions and answers.  Thus, below we provide you an analysis which will help you to determine which one is best of use.

AC vs Evaporative Air Cooler Comparison

When it comes to climate comparison, the evaporative cooler is compatible with dry and hot regions of the South Western US while AC is can stand for hot and humid regions. The evaporative cooler adds moisture to the air; meanwhile, air conditioner removes the moisture from the air.

An evaporative cooler is efficient in an enclosed or open environment while the air conditioner is only for enclosed environment purposes. The both vary when it comes to the CO2 emission; AC is relatively high while the evaporative cooler is extremely low.

Here, we also provide you the guide to discover the differences between the two, so you can decide which to buy.

#1: Distinguish if both have an Environmental Impact

Compare each environmental impact. Try to consider the product lines as a whole instead of specific units available in the market.

#2: Be mindful of the Air Circulation

Air circulation is very much important for your cooling system. This produces a high air quality circulating your place at an effective rate.

#3: Be aware of its running cost

Knowing the running cost of your electrical appliances is essential. Ensure that you are able to monitor your everyday running costs associated with using any of these airs cooling system.


Selecting the best and money-saving cooler is necessary and the biggest factor that will help your purchase depends on your environment. If you are residing in a dry or hot climate, the evaporative cooler may add moisture to the air as well as making your surroundings friendlier.  This also a big help since it is a money –saving energy.

For humid settings, the air conditioner is quite helpful as it removes the air moisture to prevent you from feeling irritable. Both have purposes, depending on your environment.