Ways Which You Can Use to Cook Rice

Rice is an ideal food for almost everyone and in so many parts of the world. For this reason, rice can be cooked in hundreds of different ways. You can use different pleasing recipes to add flavor to your rice. The brown rice is much healthier compared to the white varieties. Make sure you wash your rice perfectly before you use the different ways to cook it.

Using the microwave

You can use the microwave to cook your white rice fast. You can use more different ways to cook rice but the microwave method is easy and flexible. It is suitable for those who are travelling or if you do not have a stovetop.

Combine one cup of rice and two and half cups of water in your microwave bowl. Cover it using a glass lid and cook for five minutes on full power. After five minutes, check if the rice is done. Add like two to three minutes for it to cook well. Use a fork to fluff it. Pause the cooking and keep the rice covered for some few minutes in the microwave before you start serving.

Using the stovetop method

Take two cups of water in your saucepan. Get that rice that has tons of flavors like the basmati rice. Add a teaspoonful salt, butter and oil. Adding the oil is prevents the sticking together of rice and the rice from boiling over. It also gives the rice a great flavor.

Heat the mixture until boiling. Reduce the heat for the rice to simmer for some few minutes. Check the rice to ensure it does not burn at the bottom.  Absorption of the liquid should be done in fifteen minutes after an even distribution of heat. Fluff the rice with a fork gently. This method is one of the best to cook long grain rice without breaking and it’s easy.

Baked rice and vegetables

Get cooked rice, drained beans, one medium chopped onion, one can of corn and a quarter shredded cheeses. Mix all the ingredients leaving out the cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn the whole mixture in a baking dish. Preheat in an oven for twenty minutes. Add cheese after removing and bake for five more minutes.

The fried Chinese rice

Heat the oil in a wok. Add ginger garlic paste once it is hot and fry for a few minutes. Toss the onions in and fry until brown on high heat. Add veggies and fry in high heat also. Make some space at the bottom of the wok and amidst the veggies. Add an egg in to it and scramble while frying the veggies. Add your cooked rice and soy sauce. Garnish the chopped onions and sesame seeds. You can then taste your rice.


There are many ways that you can cook your rice in to a suitable recipe. All you need is to get a recipe and try out the one that you feel is the best. Rice tastes well so long as you can cook it well and also depending on your creativity. You only cook rice to achieve that flavor taste for you to enjoy it.

Benefits of Lifting Your Track

I bet you have seen adverts with heavy-duty trucks moving at high speeds and with ease on mountain roads or on muddy creeks. You might think that such cars are made that way but the truth is while new trucks are capable to move comfortably on some off-road terrain, most of them will still need some additional modifications to be to move in trails that are serious backcountry.

Fortunately affordable mud tires and other truck lift kits are available for all the models and makes and the installation too is quick and affordable. Lift kits have a number of benefits to the general driving experience ranging from an advanced safety to having a superior performance when driving off-road. Here are some noticeable benefits of lifting your truck.

The lift raises your car to sit more inches higher from its axles creating more room between the fender and axle hub so you can mount bigger tires that will in turn bring about more ground clearance. When you lift your truck 4 inches higher for instance, then you can fit tires that have a radius that is 4 inches larger adding your ground clearance by 4 inches. This larger ground clearance helps in preventing the vital parts of your truck to be safe from stumps, rocks and more hazards that are found in such areas.  Larger tires make your truck to move comfortably on small potholes and on muddy terrains without getting too uncomfortable to the occupants and to the vehicle itself.

As aforementioned, lifted cars create room for bigger tires that are tougher, larger and can withstand the rough off-road terrain because of their better traction. This results to a better performance on the muddy roads, rutted trails and rocky obstacles.

When you are towing a trailer for an off-road adventure weekend then you need lift kits to improve your trucks towing abilities significantly. You will benefit from the higher clearance, weight advantage, and better safety which will give you better handling and better control on the road.

Lifted trucks are also good on snow and flooded roads or otherwise impassible roads that have been destroyed by the weather giving you an advantage over low vehicles. In addition, a high vehicle will definitely give you a clearer view of the road so you will clearly see any obstacles that can interfere with your driving like the potholes ahead or the objects that have fallen from the vehicle in front. Little seconds of advanced notice of an impending danger can help you to ake a decision that will prevent you from becoming a victim.

Lifting the truck is a style in itself. People buy Lamborghinis not because they are race car drivers but because they want to own a lambo. Same to you, lift your truck if you feel like that is is what wil mke you feel you are actually driving a car that suits you best. And if it makes you feel in style eve if you don’t have any plans of going off-road.

Benefits Of Automatic Cat Feeders

When you have a pet, that little soul becomes part of your family. Wanting the best for your pet is only natural in such a situation and nothing is too much or too expensive. The only problem that might appear when you love a pet so much is the danger of not being able to refuse anything; this is how some animals become obese. If you own, for example, a cat and you want the little one to be in the best possible health but you just realized that it is overweight, we have a great solution: an automatic cat feeder. There are several reasons why you should consider buying refrigerated wet cat food dispensers but we are only going to mention some of the biggest benefits. Check out the list below and make the purchase as fast as possible as I am sure that you are not going to regret the choice.

1. Managed portion control- If the main reason why you are planning to buy a food dispenser for your cat is because it is obese, then you made the right choice. One of the biggest benefits of an automatic cat feeder is the managed portion control. What is great is that you can manage the food your cat eats throughout the day. If you choose to fill the bowl yourself, keep in mind that you don’t have an idea about how much food the bowl actually holds; a lot of cat owners have the tendency to fill in the bowl every time they see it empty. Well, this is a big mistake! The cat food dispenser comes to solve this problem.

2. You can feed your cat while you are gone. One of the biggest problems of pet owners is to find a pet sitter for their little ones when they are out of town. Well, for those who spend quite a lot of time away from home, the cat food dispenser solves the problem of making sure that the pet is fed. You won’t have to search for pet sitters anymore or take your cat to a pet hotel; you can choose to use the food dispenser. Thanks to the pet dispenser, you are 100% sure of the fact that your cat is correctly fed while you are gone, so there are no reasons for you to worry about this.

3. Convenience. Another great benefit that comes from the use of a cat food dispenser is the convenience. If you are very busy and don’t want to worry about feeding the cat every day correctly, then a food dispenser will solve the problem. What is great is that the product is also dishwasher friendly, so there you go: one more problem solved.

I know that the idea of using a food dispenser might be a bit strange for a cat owner but just try it and you’ll see that you will like it. A lot of cat owners already use one and they are pleased with it, so I think that you will be too.