What Are The Current Mortgage Rates In Dublin

Interest rate Dublin


Are you wondering to own a residential property in the city of Dublin? Have you planned to avail a mortgage loan in order to own your dream property? Then it will surely be wise for you to analyze What are the current mortgage rates in Dublin and thereby get the loan according to your affordability. Since you have to borrow huge amount money, it’s important to compare the mortgage rates before availing a loan and contacting mortage brokers.

What are the Mortgage rates in this city?

Below have been highlighted the current mortgage rates offered by most of reputed lenders in this city.

  • 2 Years fixed mortgage rate-

MortgageStore.ie 3.5% Max 60% LTV

AIB 3.6% Max LTV 92%

BOI 3.6% Max 60% LTV

EBS 3.6%

PTSB 3.7% Max LTV 80%

KBC 3.70% Max 60% LTV (3.5% if you have a current account with them)

BOI 3.8% Max LTV 75%

KBC 3.75% Max LTV 80%

KBC 38% Max LTV 90%

  •  3 Years fixed mortgage rate-

Ulster 3.3% Max 60%

Ulster 3.55% Max 80%

BOI 3.6% Max 80% LTV

PTSB 3.6% Max 80% LTV

AIB 3.65% Max LTV 92%

Haven 3.65%

EBS 3.65% Max LTV 70%

KBC 3.75% LTV 60%

BOI 3.85% LTV max 75%

  •  5 Year Fixed mortgage rate-

Ulster 3.5% Max 60% LTV

Ulster 3.6% Max LTV 80%

MortgageStore.ie 3.7% Max 80%

AIB 3.8% Max LTV 92%

BOI 3.8% Max LTV 80%

EBS 3.8%

Ulster 3.9% LTV max 90%

PTSB 3.9% Max 80%

KBC 4% Max 60% LTV

KBC 4.05% Max LTV 80%


Lowest Variable Rates

  • Loans of 90% LTV

EBS 3.95% Max 92% LTV

AIB 4% LTV Max 92%
KBC 4.1% Max 90% (3.9% if you have a KBC current account)
PTSB 4.2% Max 90%
Ulster 4.3% Max 90%
BOI 4.5% (Max LTV 90% )

  • Loans of 80% LTV

EBS 3.75% 50% to 80% LTV
KBC 3.8% LTV max 80% (3.6% for KBC current account holders)
AIB/Haven 3.8% Max 80% LTV
Ulster 3.9% Max LTV 80%
PTSB 4% Max 80% LTV
BOI 4.2% (61 to 80%)

  • Loans of 70% LTV

EBS 3.75% Max 80%
Haven 3.8% Max 80%
AIB 3.8% Max 80% LTV
KBC 3.8% Max LTV 80% (3.6% for KBC current account holders)
PTSB 3.9% Max 70%
Ulster 3.9% LTV Max 80%
BOI 4.2% (61 to 80%)

  • Loans of 60% LTV

KBC 3.7% Max 60% (3.5% for KBC current account holders)
MortgageStore.ie 3.75% Max 60% LTV
EBS 3.75% Max 80%
AIB 3.8% Max 80% LTV
PTSB 3.8% Max 60%
Ulster 3.8% LTV max 60%
BOI 3.9% LTV Max 60%

  • LTV 50% or less

EBS 3.55% LTV max 50%
Haven 3.6% Max 50% LTV
AIB 3.6% LTV below 50%
KBC 3.7% Max 60% (3.5% for KBC current account holders)
PTSB 3.7% Max 50%
MortgageStore.ie 3.75%
Ulster 3.9% LTV max 60%
BOI 3.9% LTV Max 60%


Factors that influence mortgage rate of interest

Besides being aware about What are the current mortgage rates in Dublin it will also be wise to gain knowledge about the factors that influence these rates. Some of those main factors are

  • Credit score of Applicant

This is supposed to be one of the vital factors that will affect the mortgage rate. Higher the credit score in the market lower will be the rate of mortgage interest.

  • Price of the home and loan amount

Since you have to borrow a big amount of money to buy an expensive property, you also need to pay a higher rate of interest

  • What is the amount of down payment?

According to the rules of the banks, larger the amount of down payment lower will be the rate of interest on the specific mortgage loan. Make sure to consider higher down payment in order to enjoy lower interest.

Term of the loan

This is also one of the major factors that determine the rate of interest. Lower will be the term of loan lower amount of interest you need to pay.

Interest type and loan type

There are generally two types of interest – one is fixed and the other is variable.

While availing a mortgage loan make sure to analyze your financial ability. You must only avail a specific amount of loan that you can pay off with the stipulated periods.

Cool Garden Flag Ideas

Ideas for Garden Flags


There are so many cool garden flag ideas to choose from that it takes a lot of discipline to keep from putting up new designs in your home each hour! There are exquisite materials such as burlap that can be used to put a new look to your home. Read more about flag materials on www.gardenhouseflags.com.

Some themed flags can also resonate your values or the events in your world. You are the one to choose from thousands of options available in the market. A brief overview of some of the things you should know can guide you in making a smart move. Please enjoy the read and be sure to implement all you learn.

What Season are you in?

Are you going through the thick of raising toddlers or is your kid graduating from high school? Every moment of our lives can be ideal to have a garden flag spicing up our day. The different designs such as the wavy, flowery masterpiece or the simple hanging flags that mark the presence of joy in your home can all be iconic. There are different brands that can work the magic anytime of the day. Also, the Holiday season presents a unique time for bonding, love and a lot of outdoor activities. You can get a good grasp of the times by adorning your space with a cool garden flag.

Ideas that would put you in the right league

You can choose to make use of a location mat to create an appealing garden flag. This idea also portrays you as someone who can spark life into any object. Some of the makeovers you enjoy in your home do not have to cost much. Also, you can stick your designs to a cool background flap. Every home deserves that unique feel which a beautiful garden flag can give.

Why do I need a Garden Flag?

Have you ever looked outside your home and wondered what you can do to make it cozier? Do you worry about the cost of repainting and doing a home remodel? All these issues can be handled when you give yourself a treat with cool Garden Flags. One of the things that has worked over the years is to have a lot of designs that you would keep placing in choice spots; giving you a fresh feel for each season. You can also make it a fun activity for your friends and family by allowing them help you choose the best garden flags for your home.

A Parting Shot

When we look at all the cool garden flag ideas that can grace our space, it gives us the edge to pick the right mix to boost the ambiance in the home. In times past, one must go through the help of experts to make some of these changes that spice up the home. However, in view of recent advancements, a single click can put you in the right pool of resources to pick from. You can make the most of each season with a sublime garden flag. Make each day count by adorning your space with this choice home accessory.

All About Urge Incontinence

How to overcome urge incontinence


The word “urgency” is a term which best describes a “pressing necessity”, like there is something that is really important or needs to be done rather immediately. Many people have this feeling, especially when in a situation of utmost importance. For example paying that outstanding telephone bill or completing that budget forecast which is to be presented at the sales meeting. These are but a few examples of something that is urgent and cannot be delayed any longer. Certain companies offer solutions for those situations, such as Flotrolrevealed.com

What is urge incontinence?

Should a person feel the need to pass through urine more often than the norm, you may have a urinary problem. Most of us need to urinate say every 3 to 4 hours during the day and maybe once or twice during the night. For people to urinate normally, the muscles in the bladder needs to contract at the same time the lower bladder muscles (which acts like a valve) relaxes.

Urge incontinence is a urinary problem characterized by a sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate and far more frequent than the norm. A person who suffers from Urge Incontinence may need to use the restrooms as frequent as every two hours and unfortunately bed wetting is very common. With urge incontinence, the bladder contracts and squeezes out urine involuntarily.

Urge incontinence occurs when a person experiences a strong desire to urinate followed immediately by a spontaneous emptying of the bladder. People who suffer with urge incontinence feel the need to go to the loo almost with no warning, and can experience the embarrassing experiences of not getting to the loo in time. There is a continual need to urinate, and the annoying needing to get up quiet often during the night, which one may even experience bed-wetting. The amount of urine that gets expelled varies from small to large amounts depending on bladder capacity.

Medical professionals describe such a bladder as “unstable,” or “overactive.” Accidental urination can be triggered by a sudden change in position or activity. There are a few factors that can aggravate urge incontinence. Like drinking small amounts of liquid before going to bed, touching running water, or even the hearing of water running like bath/shower.

The causes of urge incontinence

The most common cause of urge incontinence is abnormal bladder contractions. Two bladder irregularity commonly causes this disorder. The most common abnormality is a neurogenic bladder or an overactive bladder, which is caused by either a brain or spinal cord injury. Alternatively it could be a symptom of another disease that disrupts the nerve navigation above the sacrum and results in loss of bladder control and sensation.

There are quiet a few neurological diseases and disorders associated with an unstable bladder, including, but not limiting: , Ruptured inter-vertebral disk, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis, Syphilis, Stroke,Traumatic brain or upper spinal cord injury. There could also be a tumor that is located either in the spinal cord or brain. Involuntary actions of bladder muscles can occur because of damage to the nerves of the bladder, or the nervous system (spinal cord and brain), or to muscles themselves.

Another cause for urge incontinence could be a bladder infection. One of the side effect of diabetes can be the producing of large amounts of urine and regular trips to the loo. Your diet, intake of caffeine and carbonated drinks, can cause urge incontinence. Eating spicy and/or tomato based foods can irritate the bladder and cause muscle weakness. Atrophic vaginitis could also cause urge incontinence.

Bladder training treatment has often cured the problem. Medication given by a health care practitioner can also make the bladder relax. Advice from a Continence Advisor is helpful.

Data Recovery Service Tips

Back up your data


If you do not take good care of your computer, then definitely you will buying a new one sooner than you can imagine. It’s a fact that even with great care and maintenance, your computer can still lose data. There are a number of factors that can affect important components reducing your computer’s utility value. If the problem is not handled in time then you can as well lose a lot of valuable information. This is reason why you must consider relevant data recovery service tips. Laptopandpcdoctor helped me a lot in past and I am sure they provide excellent assistance to other customers as well.

It is important to note that your hard drive can fail due several factors. These include; virus attacks received from the internet as well as exposure to water and fire. You can also lose information problems in extremely high magnetic fields. In order to recover vital information, you must contact experienced technician to help you out. However, with the basic knowledge on data recovery you can save lots of data even when your computer falls from a high point.

Data recovery tips

There are several data recovery tips that you should have at your finger tips. In case of any problem, you can use one to recover information pretty fast. It’s important to note that you can always recover data with reliable software. The first thing you do is to ensure that the machine is no longer running, and then do the scanning with a reliable software. You can also use recovery programs that are reliable, so that you can recover full data. Nevertheless, always follow the process to the last point if you have an idea on how to go about it.

One of the data recovery service tips that you can bank on is try by use of hard drive. In this case, there are several components that are often affected and these include; PCB, Platters, head assembly, and firmware. These do exhibit specific issues and so you can even replace the parts to recover the information, fast. There is nothing better than getting what you need and when you need it.

In case on non-physical damage, there are quite a number of data recovery services tips that you can use in order to get everything done correctly. To begin with, desist from using any Vrepair or CHKDSK, as this might cause more damage. Do not hesitate to shut down the computer immediately you realize data recover issue. This is a reliable tip and the chances of you recovering data remain high.

Keep the back up system

Last but not least, it is of utmost importance to understand that with a computer head crash you can virtually lose all the information. This is reason why it is highly recommended to have a back up system to store data, of which will always come in handy whenever the hard disk fails. Always ensure that your backup system works well and the restore system is up and running. If you are using a mirrored system, these too should be functioning well.

In order to enjoy high utility value for a long time, always use antivirus and other preventative measures. This is something that will save you a lot of money and time in the long run. If it happens that you do not have any idea on what to do, then always solicit expert help.

Is An Instructor The Fastest Way To Learn Guitar?

Instructor for guitar


The guitar is a very rewarding instrument to play. Therefore learning how to play the guitar is an excellent choice. There are various tips for learning guitar fast. One of them is hiring an instructor. Having your own guitar instructor can be very helpful in many ways.


A guitar instructor helps you learn and to do it correctly and more quickly


Taking private guitar lessons from a good instructor is absolutely the best way to go about learning the guitar. It’s much better than teaching yourself or using free online tutorials. There are a lot of things an instructor can do for you that will accelerate your learning process. As a beginner a good instructor will guide you through the basic principles of playing guitar, such as chord formation, techniques, mechanics and terminologies. Besides, an instructor can help you save time of fruitless practice by helping you to avoid bad habits from the beginning.


An instructor instills accountability and structure


As the saying goes, practice make perfect. However, it’s not always easy for a beginner to make time for practice on their own. Regularly meeting with an instructor can make you more accountable for logging practice time. With a serious instructor, you are less likely to blow off practice or skim over the hard parts. You only get to improve by constantly challenging your current skills. An instructor can structure your lessons so that you advance as fast as possible.


An instructor gets you connected


A guitar instructor has many musical connections that could benefit you down the road. They know fellow instructors who can do the job really well. They know the best recording studios. They can as well get you shows as they have played in many bands. Besides, an instructor can help you access higher quality and vintage equipment that might normally be out of reach.


Round out musical influences


You may have chosen to learn how to play a specific type of music. An instructor can help you discover other types of music that complement your style and broaden your skills. This helps you to be a well-rounded guitarist and may even find new musical interests. Having your own guitar instructor is also great because they will get to know you’re playing really well and can tailor the lesson to your own specific needs. Why and do you need an instructor is important question for development of your skills.


Build relationships with other guitar players


Practicing playing the guitar with other people is a sure way to improve your guitar skills. Watching people who are more advanced can help you pick up new techniques and stay excited. A reputable instructor may be able to introduce you to other students with compatible skill levels.


An instructor is also a mentor


An acoustic guitar instructor is much more than just a person who is going to show you all the cords and how to play them well. Besides these, a good instructor can act as a mentor, someone who will push you to excel and better that you could have thought. They can teach you to open your mind to different sounds and tones and allow finding your own path to making music.


Though it can be done, teaching yourself to play the guitar may not be the best way to learn. Working with a great acoustic guitar instructor will give you the tools you need to really develop your skills with the acoustic guitar.

Verde Farms Produce

View Verde Farms Linkedin Profile


Verde Farms produce is really popular these days and most of the people have come to know about it. The main commitment of the organic farms is to provide the best quality material to people all over the world. In comparison to the conventional farming, organic farming is proved to have much more benefits, and so many farmers are attempting this in order to find new and effective processes of farming and getting the best quality produce. These organic farms are spread all over the world and many of these farms produce cattle as their main produce. Here is a Verde Farms Linkedin Profile you must visit to have a better idea about how they work.

Sources of the Organic Beef in Verde Farms

In the Australian Outback, the passionate farmers raise their cattle without using different sorts of antibiotics, growth hormones or any kind of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Cattle are given the provisions of ranging freely by rotational feeding system so that they can optimize themselves to the long term sustainability of the land. The cattle which Verde farms source from Australia are cent percent grass fed and grass finished.

In these days, more and more farmers are switching to organic farming methods as this scene is growing on a large scale and the demands of their products are also increasing. Verde farms beef is also raised in Uruguay and here the cattle graze in open air all year round and have access to pure water, cleaner air and abundant sunshine. The traditional methods of pasture farming are used to raise the cattle and these also benefit a lot. Follow us on verdefarms twitter and get in touch with the update of what Verde Farms produce.

Service, Retail and Ingredients

The Verde Farms produce are send to various small and large process which require them to finish their goods like soups, steaks, ground beef, meat balls, etc. The organic farms generally supply their products to the individual restaurants, as well as to the regional and national chains of restaurants. They have a wide selection of wholesale grass fed beef and lamb.

The organic farms generally offer a wide selection of private and branded label programs for the wholesale, natural supermarket chains, to the neighbourhood grocery store and also to the largest mainstream. These farms can provide you with the best tasting dense meat which is filled with nutrient. They are also committed to the humane animal welfare and they dedicate it by maintaining high quality standards.

There are lot of differences in having the products from the organic farms and having them from normal farms. The main aim of Verde farms produce was to give their consumers the best product, which is healthy, as well as very tasty. These farms also support the small low earning farmers domestically as well as from various developing countries.

When you are using any product from the organic farms, then you are actually being a support to the traditional way of life, which existed once, many years back and with this support of yours, it can begin to thrive again. You can go ahead and make a great meal for yourself, but apart from that, you are also making a lot of difference to the world.

Advice on Finding Best Stock Photo Agencies


So you are hunting for the biggest stock photo agencies? Maybe you wish to make money selling photos you shoot on a regular basis. It is also probable that you want to buy stock photos for your venture.

No matter the reason, finding an ideal stock photo agency is not an easy chore. There are various agencies that deal in stock photography. In such a situation, locating the best agency is certainly a challenge. However, you may get through this challenge by following the below advice.

Tips to find best stock photo agencies

Although locating best agencies for stock photography may be a tedious task, you may ease this task by acting sensibly. First of all, make a handy listing of agencies that particularly deal in stock photos.

You may complete your list of agencies by exploring offline and online sources. With respect to offline sources, your friends and relatives may come in handy to help out. Folks who are familiar with stock photo agencies will provide you necessary info about those agencies.

You may also seek help and assistance from your colleagues and co-workers. Those who have bought or sold stock photos to any agency will help out in this matter.

Besides giving detailed information about reliable stock photo agencies, these individuals will assist you in selecting the best agency for your particular needs. Since your friends and colleagues tend to be reliable, you can be rest assured that they will provide you particulars about best agencies only.

Internet is another handy place to locate best stock photo agencies. Here, you have many options to find reputed agencies. Performing a simple search query in search engines is one easy way to compile the names of reliable stock photo agencies. Just surf the web with relevant search phrases, and list out dependable agencies that specifically deal in stock photography. Within seconds, you will be able to complete the list of agencies dedicated to stock photography.

Seeking help from your friends and followers on social media sites is another way to find reputed stock photo agencies. Folks who buy and sell stock photos will help you in finding the best agency. You may also explore online forums committed to photography to get help in this regard. People who have any experience with stock photo agencies often share their threads and replies in forums. As a result, you get a chance to get in touch with agencies that are highly applauded for their service and quality.

After compiling the names of reliable agencies, check out their legitimacy by surfing reviews and testimonials. As per feedback and ratings from buyers and sellers, focus on agencies that are highly rated and ranked. In line with rankings and ratings, collect detailed info from reputable agencies.

Go through the terms and conditions of each agency in great detail. Additionally, check out their rates as well as quality minutely. Finally, choose the agency that provides best stock photography deals and optimum rates to buyers and sellers.

Bottom line

Finding the best stock photo agency might be a chore given the fact that there are many agencies out there. In such a situation, it is better to act wisely to find the right agency. Just stick to the above tips and advice on finding best stock photo agencies, and you could choose an ideal agency for your specific needs.